How to make group video calls on Instagram

Instagram allows you to make group video calls for up to four people. Here's how to do it

Instagram is one of the most widely used platforms in the world. Its success is also due to its ability to evolve and meet the needs of users. At the time of its birth it only allowed you to publish photos in square format, but over time it has evolved, enriching itself with features, including group video calls.

More and more people are using the application to talk to their contacts, and maybe take advantage of the function to publish a shared story, or a temporary content that includes two people, just like a real video conference. Instagram, with this move has officially entered the same territory as other similar applications such as FaceTime, Skype or even WhatsApp. The group call feature is available for both Android and iOS and has already won over many users. Using it is very simple and immediate.

Group video calling on Instagram: features

The feature allows you to call any person to whom you can send a direct, for up to 4 users at once. When compared to other applications, it leaves a little to be desired. In fact, with Facebook you can make group video calls even with 50 people, while with FaceTime you can contact 32 users.

During the call you can continue browsing the app without interruption, reducing the window that shows other people. You can avoid getting involved by blocking the feature through the microphone located in the chat section.

Group video calls on Instagram: how to do it

The procedure to start a group video call requires a few simple steps. First, you need to access the main screen of the app and then on the Direct icon, located in the upper right corner. To start a video call on Instagram, just tap on the camera icon in the top right.

A window will open that will include a few elements: a section intended to collect all the contacts you want to add to the call and in the part below the list of followers. Just select those with whom you want to initiate contact via the dot next to their name. After choosing the people, just select the "Start" item located in the upper right corner. At this can start the video call, during which you can add people by clicking on the button (+) located on the screen, up to a maximum of 4 people.