How to make more Stories on Instagram

Do you want to make more Stories on Instagram? The app gives you that opportunity to post temporary photos and videos. Here's how to do it

Stories are among the most used and loved content by Instagram users. People enjoy both watching them and creating new ones. Their success is also due to the many features that the channel has added in recent times: from the ability to insert GIFs, to that of applying filters and masks of all kinds.

The Stories allow you to publish temporary videos and photos, which remain available to followers for up to 24 hours (unless you decide to highlight them in your profile). They are generally used to tell anecdotes of the day, give your opinion on a hot topic, ask questions or exchange views with others. As you can see, the range of opportunities offered by Stories is very wide, so often it is not enough to publish just one per day. Did you know that it is possible to make multiple Stories on Instagram? You can enrich your daily content with photos, videos, stickers and anything that inspires your creativity.

How to make Story on Instagram

To publish multiple Stories you must first start with the first one. To do this, launch the app from your smartphone or tablet. On the main screen, that is, the one where you see other people's content and Stories. At the top left, right next to the new Stories to watch, you will also find your profile picture with a plus sign (+). Below the image you'll find the words "Your Story".

You'll need to tap above to create your first Story on Instagram. It can be either a photograph, or a video to which you can add one of the many stickers made available by the app. If you've opted for a video, which is longer than the space allowed by the single Story, you'll notice that by holding your finger on the middle button, the system will automatically start a new Story. The two contents will be presented in succession to your followers. If you want to create a Story after publishing the first one, you'll have to perform another step.

Making multiple Stories on Instagram

After publishing your first Story of the day on Instagram, you can view it by tapping on the circle that encloses the profile image in the Home screen, or by going inside the profile and tapping on the preview image you've chosen. If you've posted a Story, your profile picture will be surrounded by a colored circle. So, in case there is the circle surrounding the image, you can add another Story. To do this you have two opportunities: the first is to tap on the camera symbol that you find in the main screen in the upper left corner, next to the Instagram logo. The second option is to keep your finger pressed on the profile image. The words "Add new content" will appear. At this point, you can create a Story, following the procedure you already know. Again, you can add as many stickers as you want or be inspired by the other features, such as the one related to adding song lyrics that Instagram will make available soon.