How to make private Instagram Stories

Do you want to make private Instagram Stories? You can create your own list of restricted friends to share your content with. Find out the procedure

Instagram Stories have been a huge success: instagrammers can no longer do without them. In fact, the company reported that there are more than 250 million users who constantly use this type of content. Why are they so loved? There are many reasons.

First of all, they allow you to tell an important moment of the day, through a photo or a short video. The content can be viewed in a dedicated space and for a maximum of 24 hours. So they're not part of the regular feed, but are worth catching on the fly. As with any content created on Instagram, Stories can also be edited: you can add filters, but also GIFs, Stickers, quizzes, emoji and many other fun effects. For the past few months, the social network has allowed you to create a list of contacts to whom you can make your Story visible, leaving it hidden from everyone else.

Your Instagram list: how to create your list of closest contacts

Instagram has introduced a new feature: it allows you to create lists of close friends with whom you can share your Stories. The feature is available for both iPhone and Android users and can be used in both personal and business profiles. To create the close friends list from scratch, you need to add the contacts individually.

To start making your own private Instagram Story, you need to launch the app and go to the profile interface. Go to the menu - in the top right corner - and you'll find the section to edit. This screen is divided into two parts: on the right, the app suggests friends to be included in the List; on the left, in the section "Your List" you have all the contacts already present. Adding contacts is very simple: in fact, next to each profile there is the "Add" button to insert the contact manually. At the end, in "Your List" you will find all the profiles of your closest friends. Also, next to each one there is the "Remove" button that allows you to delete them. So this list is editable at any time.

How to make private Instagram Story

After you have completed the list, you can make a Story to share with your close friends. Profiles included in your list are marked with a green star next to their profile photo. After you've created your temporary content, it's time to choose who to share it with. You can tap on the "Story" icon to share it with everyone, or tap on "Your List" to allow it to be viewed only by the restricted group of contacts. There's also a third option: send the Story to a specific person. Instagram also lets you know if you are part of the restricted group of friends: if you log into the app and see around a Story a green circle, instead of the classic blue, this means that you are part of the List of that contact. Opening the content, at the top right you'll notice a green icon with the words "Your List". Clicking it will allow you to add that contact to your inner circle in turn, or edit the list.

Instagram doesn't allow you to re-share private Stories, but you can take a screenshot without getting caught. For the time being, the app allows you to create a single list of restricted friends, but it is not ruled out that in the future these will increase and you can differentiate based on different categories of contacts.