How to make video calls with 50 people on Instagram

Also on Instagram comes integration with Messenger Rooms, the platform that allows you to make video calls with 50 people. Here's how it works

With a post on Twitter, Instagram announced that integration with Messenger Rooms, the new platform for making group video calls with up to 50 people, is being released worldwide. To push the new service to the maximum, Facebook has decided to integrate it within all platforms and social: after seeing it on WhatsApp and the blue social, now it's Instagram's turn.

This is a big step forward compared to the limit imposed so far that is quite limiting (remember that you can make video calls on Instagram starting directly from Stories). To use Facebook Rooms you don't have to be subscribed to the service, you just need to have the Messenger app or access via web-app. To start a video call with 50 people on Instagram you need to access in Direct and press the appropriate button that allows you to create a call on Facebook Rooms. Here's how to do it.

What is Facebook Rooms

Launched a few weeks ago, Facebook Rooms is the Menlo Park company's new platform dedicated to group video calls, especially in the work environment. Facebook Rooms allows you to make video conferences of up to 50 people and create real rooms where people can discuss a single topic.

Facebook Rooms is natively integrated into all group apps and allows you to make video calls even within Facebook groups or events. For example, the administrator can create multiple thematic rooms and then bring everyone together in the main room to discuss all the points that came out of the various meetings. The goal is to put a spoke in the wheels of the various video conferencing apps and webinars that have been very successful in recent months, such as Zoom, Google Meet and Teams.

To access a video call on Facebook Rooms you do not have to be registered with Facebook, but just receive an invitation and access the link.

How to make video calls on Facebook Rooms from Instagram

The process to create a room on Facebook Rooms from Instagram is very simple. You need to open the social and press on the Direct icon (the one in the shape of an airplane). At this point you have to click on the camera icon and select "Create a room". A new page will open, with an overlay message explaining how Messenger Rooms works. By pressing "Try on Instagram", a new message is loaded that allows you to create the room: just press the "Create room as XXX (your name)." button. At this point you have to select the contacts to whom you want to send the link to start the video call on Messenger Rooms. Once you have chosen the people, you have to press "Join the room" to start the conversation. You can also invite users who are not subscribed to Instagram by clicking on "Send link".

If, on the other hand, you have received an invitation to a call on Messenger Rooms, just click on the link in the message, choose the name with which to join the call and wait for you to be accepted by the administrator.

When will the new feature be available

It is already being released via server and there is no need to update the application. Slowly it will come to everyone: some members of Libero Tecnologia editorial staff can already use it.