How to manage Facebook notifications

Facebook notifications can be a real nightmare: here's how to disable and delete them on computers and smartphones

Tin. Facebook Notification. Tin. New Facebook notification. Vibration. Facebook notifications also arrived on the smartphone. The social network created by Mark Zuckerberg has certainly improved our lives in many ways, but it has also made it much more chaotic.

The continuous "Tin, Tin" or the vibration of the smartphone every time a notification arrives on Facebook can be a real nightmare. Especially if we're at work and can't be distracted by the messages we receive on our smartphone. Few people know that you can change the settings of Facebook notifications, both on your computer and smartphone, to make them less pressing. You don't need to install any third-party application, just go into your profile settings and change some options. Here's how to manage Facebook notifications.

Manage Facebook notifications on your computer

To change Facebook notifications settings on your computer you need to go into your account and then click on the superscript in the top right corner. From the drop-down menu you will have to click on Settings and choose from the left column the Notifications section. This will open a page with all the different settings of Facebook notifications. You'll have to analyze all the options to better manage the stress generated by the social network. The first two options concern the sounds generated by the notifications. Do we want to mute them? Then we should put the No option on "Play a sound when receiving each notification" and "Play a sound when receiving a message". In addition to the sounds, you can also decide which elements to show in your notification feed: birthdays, Today Happens, Closest Friends Activity, pictures and places where we are tagged, pages we manage and activities in groups. For each element we can decide whether to keep it active or deactivate it. Our suggestion is to eliminate unnecessary Facebook notifications, such as those that remind us of birthdays or activities of friends.

Manage Facebook notifications from your smartphone

Also from your smartphone you can mute the notifications we receive on the Facebook app. To do this you need to launch the app, press on the icon with three horizontal lines and then on Notification Settings. It will open a page with all the methods by which we receive notifications that on the smartphone are three: Push, email and SMS (if we have activated the service). For each type of notification (Activity about you, Apps, Birthdays, etc.) you can choose which method we want to receive them and if so, disable them altogether. For the notification methods (Push, email, SMS) we can also choose if we want vibration, notification LED and sound. Before deactivating notifications completely, we have to evaluate the ones that are really useful and that we need to continue receiving to keep our account under control.