How to measure Wi-Fi signal strength

In the interior of our home, not every room has great Wi-Fi signal reception. Here's how to monitor the connection strength in a few clicks

Everyone has happened to fight with the home Wi-Fi connection. The signal always becomes weaker when we have to watch a movie or when we are creating a working document. To improve the reception of the various devices connected the first step is to measure the signal strength of the Wi-Fi.

There are various methods to check the quality of the Wi-Fi signal of our home. However, not all of them offer the same results and services that perform the same check can also show different results. This is due to the system used to measure the bandwidth. The advice is to make more than one test on the signal strength of the home Wi-Fi before making drastic and not always necessary decisions.

Use your computer

Several PCs, and among them those with Windows 10 operating system, provide pre-installed programs to check the quality and strength of the Wi-Fi signal. This is the fastest method to understand the efficiency of our home connection. If we look on the desktop, in the bottom right corner, we'll find the Wi-Fi icon: generally it has three to five bars. If they are all lit up it means that the power of our Wi-Fi signal is very good, if they are all off it means that the navigation will be very slow or completely absent. We can also monitor the same information from the control panel by going to the Network and Internet section and clicking on Network Connections.

Use your smartphone

The same system that identifies the quality of the signal can also be found on smartphones and tablets. Just pick up the phone and check the notches indicated in the icon of the Wi-Fi connection (usually located at the top of the screen of the device) to realize the quality of the connection. To get more in-depth data on the connection we can go to Settings and then Wi-Fi, or Network depending on the smartphone we have. Or we can download a specific app such as Wi-Fi Analyzer that offers us very detailed results on our connection.

Use a Wi-Fi Locator

If we're constantly looking for connections outside the home we can use a small portable device that will search for Wi-Fi connections. This is a Wi-Fi Locator, a device similar to a keychain that when it intercepts a connection alerts us of the quality of its signal thanks to the luminous LEDs. The green color means very good signal while the red indicates a weak connection.