How to mutate smartphone notifications

Every day there are dozens of notifications that arrive on our smartphone from the various apps we have installed: here's how to mutate them

If when you use your smartphone notifications can become a problem, the easiest solution to follow is to mutate them. In just a few steps, whether you have an iPhone or an Android smartphone, we'll explain how to mutate the settings so that notifications don't bother you.

Maybe you're using your phone for work and you're waiting for an important message, and every time you hear a notification from Facebook or Twitter you jump, only to be disappointed. Or you are working out through some app mirrored on the TV screen and suddenly you are interrupted by receiving a text message or a message on WhatsApp. There are occasions when mutating notifications on your smartphone is the only solution to avoid annoyances and you just need to follow this short guide to do it.

How to mutate notifications on iOS devices

If you own an iPhone and your operating system is Apple's iOS, the path to follow to mutate notifications starts from "Settings". Scrolling through the items, select "Do Not Disturb." A new menu will open, keep scrolling to the "Silence" item, click on it and select the "Always" option.

Following these steps, you can always activate the "Do not disturb" mode from the control center: holding down the "Do not disturb" button for several seconds will open a drop-down menu from which you can select to activate the feature even for just one hour.

How to mutate notifications on Android devices

If, on the other hand, your smartphone has an Android operating system, the path to follow will be different. The feature will allow you to mute the sound, stop the vibration and block all visual interruptions. In addition, you will be able to choose what to block and what to allow.

The steps we now describe will work on smartphones equipped with Android 9 or later versions. From the "Home" screen, slide down the menu that opens from the top of the screen and click on "Do not disturb".

The selected item will allow you to choose what to disable or leave active. The options generally include "Alarms only", which blocks all notifications except the sound of alarms set on the phone. Then there's the "Priority Only" option, which allows you to stop your smartphone's notifications except for alarm clocks, reminders, events, calls from specified contacts, and still items you've chosen to play, such as sounds, videos, or games.

If you want to isolate yourself altogether, however, you can select the "Total Silence" option, which blocks all sounds and vibrations, even from alarm clocks, music, and games, but still allows you to make a phone call. All three options can be set on a time basis, such as for an hour or for the desired period, or you can choose the "Until Do Not Disturb" option, which will require the user to re-enable notifications on their smartphone.