How to pay cash on Amazon with Ricarica in Cassa

Amazon has created a new service, called Ricarica in Cassa, that makes it super easy to manage and reload gift certificates with payments on SisalPay

Amazon has announced a new service: Ricarica in Cassa. This is a tool that allows customers to easily top up their account's gift certificate balance by purchasing in cash at over 40,000 SisalPay outlets across Italy. To be valid, the gift voucher must be between €15 and €500.

To add a Gift Voucher to your Amazon account, you need to generate a barcode by connecting to the site or through the mobile application of the famous e-commerce. The code, which can be used both in digital and paper version, will be scanned during the payment at the SisalPay point and the relative amount will be immediately usable on Amazon. The service acts automatically, it is sufficient to link a single barcode of Amazon Recharge in Cash to your account, thus avoiding to generate a new one every time.

How does Recharge in Cash work

Once the retailer has completed the transaction the amount loaded is immediately available and the customer receives a confirmation notification to the email address or phone number registered on their account or always through the Amazon mobile application. In the section My Account you can view the movements of your Amazon Balance at any time. The use of Amazon Ricarica in Cassa is completely free and allows Amazon customers to add Gift Vouchers to their account by going to SisalPay points - for those who don't know them, these are specific payment services of the Sisal Group present in various bars, tobacconists, newsstands - and using their smartphone. Amazon has informed its users that other affiliated stores will soon be added to the ones already present.