How to pay online with ATM

In this article we will provide you with some information on how to pay online with ATM. Read more!

The possibility of making purchases online has long since revolutionized not only trade, but also our lifestyle and how to shop. It is now increasingly essential to have cards to make payments and online spending of various kinds, yes, just those expenses that accompany us constantly over the months and years (think bills, utilities, installments, etc..) and can be paid with a few steps online and a few clicks. Today it is possible to pay online with Bancomat: a new small revolution to facilitate citizens, just make sure on which circuits it is allowed and what are the modalities.

Paying online with Bancomat: some info

Bancomat, a term that everyone, regardless of age, has learned to know. Yet sometimes some small doubts may arise about its nature. First of all, the Bancomat is not a type of payment card, as it turns out to be, instead, a credit card or a prepaid card, but it is a payment circuit connected to a specific payment card. So, when we talk about Bancomat, we refer to a debit card connected to a bank account with Bancomat, PagoBancomat and Bancomat Pay payment circuits.

The first is the circuit that allows you to withdraw money in cash at automatic teller machines (ATMs); the second is the circuit to make payments and deposits at POS terminals; finally Bancomat Pay is the circuit that is used to exchange money and online payments. So, to your question: "Can I use Bancomat Pay to pay online?", the answer is positive, since it is possible to pay online with a debit card with Bancomat Pay circuit and it is also possible to proceed with debit cards of other circuits, for example Maestro of MasterCard.

Buy and pay online with Bancomat Pay

As we said before, Bancomat Pay is one of the payment circuits of Bancomat to make online payments of various kinds at all physical or virtual stores (e-commerce) that have the Bancomat Pay logo. Through this service it is also possible to exchange money and make payments from the Public Administration through the PagoPA service. But what is Bancomat Pay? It is, specifically, a digital payment service that can be activated using a smartphone with a compatible operating system (Android, iOS) and having a current account to which payment cards are associated, or having a payment account associated with a prepaid card with IBAN, or with a card account with IBAN at one of the participating banks. In order to use the service, you will have to download the Bancomat Pay app or use the function from the app of your bank if it adheres to the Bancomat Pay system.

To proceed with an online payment through the Bancomat Pay mode, regardless of which bank you are with, you will have to select Bancomat Pay as the payment method, enter the mobile number associated with the service and confirm the procedure after receiving the notification of payment request on the bank or Bancomat Pay app. As a confirmation methodology you can choose between facial recognition, fingerprint or entering the PIN prepared during the service activation phase and complete the transaction.

If you are wondering if online transactions with Bancomat Pay are safe, the answer is yes, since there is no use and exchange of sensitive customer data and, moreover, each transaction must be authenticated through the chosen method. In any case, it is always a good idea to shop online on safe and reliable sites, verifying the reliability of e-commerce, especially if they are little-known platforms. Check the web reputation of the seller and always pay attention to phishing emails.

How to pay online with Bancomat Maestro

As we have seen, Bancomat and Maestro are two different payment circuits but, often, they can be associated to the same debit card. So you can use it to make online payments on sites that provide for either circuit, or both. For example, Amazon provides among the payment methods also debit cards of the Maestro circuit. To proceed with a purchase and its balance, you'll have to select the Payments option from your account and add your card details. If, on the other hand, a site does not contemplate the possibility of payment with the Maestro circuit, you can associate your card with PayPal and take advantage of this mode, if provided on the site that interests you.