How to pay online with PagoPA

In this article we'll give you some information on how to pay with PagoPA, what are the possible payments of this electronic system and how it works.

Everyone has happened by chance or by distraction with back bills to pay, because they arrived late and with deadlines already expired, or received close to the deadline. And how many races between one commitment and another to meet deadlines, spending days in the queue at counters. In order to save a little time, a solution recommended and increasingly used by users to make payments to the Public Administration is the electronic system PagoPa. Here's how to pay with PagoPa, how the system works and which payments it includes.

What it is and where to pay with PagoPa

PagoPA is an electronic payment system designed by the Agency for Digital Italy (AGID) to make easier, safer and more transparent any payment to the Public Administration (Municipalities, Provinces, Regions, companies with public participation, schools, universities, ASL, INPS, Agenzia delle Entrate, ACI, etc.). It is not a real site where to pay, but with PagoPa a new way to make payments to the PA in a standardized way, through the participating Payment Service Providers (PSP), has been created. It is estimated, in fact, that by 28 February 2021 all PA payments will have to migrate to PagoPA.

There are numerous payment tools and channels where it is possible to proceed: by accessing the website of the entity to which a payment is to be made, or through the physical and virtual counters made available by many Payment Service Providers (known as PSPs, i.e. banks, payment and electronic money institutions). Which are they? Bank counters, home banking, ATM enabled locations, Sisal points, Lottomatica, Post Offices, as well as payment apps such as Bancomat Pay or Satispay.

What you can pay with PagoPa

PagoPA allows you to make a wide range of payments, such as: taxes, utilities (gas and water), membership fees, car vignettes and other expenses towards the Public Administration or other entities that have joined PagoPA, such as schools, public companies and universities. Payments can be spontaneous, i.e. made at the initiative of the citizen, for example in the context of a service request; or they can be expected, i.e. due to an Institution as a result of a debt position, as in the case of municipal taxes, leases, stamps, university fees, health service tickets, etc.

How to pay with PagoPa: some info

To make payments with PagoPA you do not need access credentials or specific authentication systems and there is no need to activate the service. What you need is a valid email address or, if you choose to pay through home banking or from the websites of participating institutions, you need your login data. If you have a paper payment document, you can also pay through the app of the creditor with a scan of the QR code or pay by physically going to your bank, at an enabled ATM or in one of the stores where you see the recognizable logo of PagoPA. If, on the other hand, you're wondering how to pay university fees with PagoPa, you need to connect to the website of your university and follow the instructions for proceeding, considering that many universities only allow this type of payment for each area of the educational offer, while others make it available only for masters, training and higher education courses.

Paying with PagoPa online

To really optimize in terms of time and avoid going to the various counters, you can proceed independently online for payments to the Public Administration or other credit institutions. How to do it? Through the website or from mobile, on the app of the entity in question, by identifying the specific section on online services and payments. In many cases to access you will need SPID credentials that will allow you to continue with the procedure, getting to enter the payment notice code and enter your email, and then you can fill in the section with all the details of the payment and complete everything. The payment can be settled by credit, debit, or prepaid cards, or by other online methods specified by the institution's website.

Paying with PagoPa online through home banking

One of the ways to deal with the various bills, taxes, stamps etc. through PagoPA is through your bank and its home banking system, using CBILL. We're talking about the service offered by many banks that allows citizens and businesses to pay PagoPA bills and payment notices online. First, access your Internet Banking (from PC or app for smartphones and tablets), and go to the section bulletins and payments, and then click on the logo or the indication CBILL/PagoPA. You will have to fill in the form for the creditor institution or company, indicating the identification code of the payment, the amount to be paid and the date of payment, and then complete the operation.