How to permanently delete Skype

In this article we will provide you with all the instructions to permanently delete a Skype account.

The Skype platform has always been one of the most used both at work, to communicate or participate in meetings, and to keep in touch with friends and relatives, making video calls even from abroad. However, with the introduction of new platforms and apps used for this purpose, at some point you may need to delete your Skype account, which is perhaps stopped and unused for some time. But how to do that?

How to delete Skype account

It is therefore good to know how to delete Skype account, so that you can act without errors. To delete it from your PC, first you need to open the program and log in by entering the data of the account you want to delete, so you can login. Then you have to click with the icon on your name and enter the settings menu, from which you'll select the Account and profile tab. At this point you will access the Manage section, from which you will click on Close your account. The system at this stage will ask you to enter your data again: email, phone number and password, for further verification of identity. In fact, a Confirmation of Identity screen will appear, from which you can select the mode chosen to carry out this operation, i.e. the sending of a verification code via email or via message.

Once you have received the code you must enter it in the field where it is requested and press the verification button. At this point in the 'Mark for closure' screen you will have to read the directions carefully, ticking where required with a mouse click. The deletion of the Skype account proceeds by selecting a reason for closure: from the simple 'I no longer wish to have a Microsoft account' to 'the account has been subject to an attack', and so on. Once you've made your choice you'll have to click on the Mark the account for closure button and you're done.

How to delete your Skype profile from smartphone or tablet

If you decide to delete your Skype profile from your smartphone or tablet you'll have to launch the Skype app and enter your login details, Phone or Email and Password and then login. You will then have to click on your photo and select the Account and Profile button from the settings menu. A screen will appear, from which you should select Manage and press the option Close your account. The system will then ask you to verify your identity, just as it does for deletion from your PC. You can then receive the verification code via SMS, on the phone number associated with the account, or you can ask to receive it through e-mail. Once you have received the seven-digit code, you must enter it in the appropriate field. Click on the Verify button.

Once this is done, click on Next and you will be taken to the Mark [account] screen. Also here you will have to read what the system proposes, that is, the explanation that the cancellation of the Skype account means that you can no longer access the other Microsoft services. Once you have checked everything you need, click on Confirm and select the reason for wanting to delete the Skype account. Once this step is done, click on the Mark the account for closure button and press the Finish button, which will close the account.

What if you change your mind about deleting your Skype account?

If you change your mind about deleting your Skype account after following the procedure and completing it, you can retrace your steps within 60 days. You have to connect to the official site of Microsoft and log in by entering your data, the same as the account that was deleted, then you press the Login and Reopen account buttons. Finally it is sufficient to indicate the email address that is associated with the account in question and press the Send code button. In this way you will receive a recovery code, which you will have to enter in the space provided to complete the recovery procedure.

Deleting the Skype account means deleting your Microsoft account and, consequently, deleting the services and data associated with it, starting with Outlook. So if you don't want to delete your Microsoft account but you don't use Skype anymore, just hide it from the search results. To do this, once you have logged in, go to the Edit Profile page, and in the settings of the latter, uncheck the item Compari in search results and suggestions: in this way you will no longer be found on Skype.