How to permanently erase data from computer and smartphone

Some programs and applications to permanently erase unnecessary files from hard drive, SSD and memory of Android and iOS smartphones

Cleaning your computer and smartphone is essential to extend the life of the devices. But by cleaning we don't mean taking a cloth with liquid and wiping the dust off the internal components, we mean deleting all unnecessary files from the hard drive or smartphone memory.

When you delete a document from the hard drive or uninstall an application from the smartphone, you don't actually delete all the files and something is still left in the device memory. All "junk" files that accumulate and go to slow down the operation of the computer and smartphone. When we notice that our PC takes four or five minutes to turn on, it's time to do a good general cleaning. And the same goes for the smartphone: the accumulation of photos and videos does nothing but slow down the phone.

Unfortunately there are programs and applications that allow you to permanently delete any file on the memory of their devices safely without going to damage the hardware components. Not all of them are free, but the result is assured. In this way, your computer and smartphone will return to their former glory.

DBAN - Darik's Boot and Nuke

DBAN is the ultimate program for anyone who wants to delete any file from their computer's hard drive. Darik's Boot and Nuke is an open source software and is mostly used by people who want to overwrite hard drives to sell on the second hand market. Unfortunately, it doesn't always succeed in effectively deleting all files, but in most cases it works.

Blancco Drive Eraser

If you are looking for a professional software that guarantees 100% cleanup of your hard drive, you should turn to a program like Blancco Drive Eraser. The software allows you to delete all kinds of files from even the most complicated hard drives and SSDs: the solutions offered by the software company are the most diverse but all guarantee the same result. The total deletion of files. Blancco Driver Eraser also allows you to work simultaneously on multiple hard drives. The program is paid

Blancco Mobile Device Eraser

The software house that developed Blancco Drive Eraser has also created an application for mobile devices. Blancco Mobile Device Eraser allows you to delete any file from the memory of smartphones and erase the presence of your personal data. The app is very useful in case you want to put your smartphone up for sale by deleting all your files. There is a fee for the app, but it works on any type of device: Android, iOS, Windows Phone and BlackBerry.

Deleting files from your smartphone for free

If you don't want to spend money on the app, you can use one of the free solutions provided by both Android and iOS.

On Android smartphones, to delete all the files on your smartphone or tablet you'll have to go into Settings, then press Backup&Restore and finally restore factory data. A new window will open and you'll have to press the Restore Phone button.

On the iPhone the procedure is very similar: you'll have to enter Settings and then press General. At this point you will have to select the Restore item and press on Initialize content and settings. If you enter your smartphone's PIN, the smartphone's factory settings will be restored.

Wiebetech's Drive eRazer Ultra

Wiebetech's Drive eRazer Ultra is neither a software nor a program, but it's actually a small device you connect to your computer that automatically cleans your hard drive. Of all the tools you have available to delete files from your SSD, it is definitely the fastest and also allows you to secure your computer.

Software made by hard drive companies

Another free solution to delete all files from your computer's hard drive is to use software made available directly by hard drive companies. From Samsung to Corsair to SanDiske OCZ, they all offer an SSD or hard drive cleanup program.