How to play games on WhatsApp

On WhatsApp groups you can play video games like Snake and Football using a simple trick. Here's how to do it

On WhatsApp you can play video games like Snake without the need to install third-party application. This is not a new feature of the instant messaging application, but a service developed by an Italian startup: Noibot.

This is a company specialized in creating bots for applications such as WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. In the past, the Italian guys had developed a bot that allowed you to receive breaking news directly on WhatsApp. The new bot explores hitherto unexplored boundaries: the ability to play games directly on WhatsApp, challenging your friends and recording new records. The video games available so far are only five, but more will be added in the future. The function to play on WhatsApp is only available within groups. Here's how to do it.

How to play Snake on WhatsApp

Playing on WhatsApp is really very simple, just follow the steps explained by the guys at Noibot on First you need to create a group with friends with whom you want to play on WhatsApp or alternatively you can use an already active group conversation. At this point you need to access with your smartphone browser to the site and wait for the page to open. In the middle there will be a phone number and a button that says "Play". Pressing the "Play" button will open the WhatsApp application and we will have to add the phone number to our address book. You will have to return to the group with the first friends and add the contact you just saved to the conversation. Completed this step, the saved number will send a message to the chat showing the available games (for the moment there are five) and the link to click to play. Each time a person in the group plays a game and makes a record, the bot will send a message to everyone reporting the score of your friend.

Whatsgame is not a real feature born to be able to play on WhatsApp, but takes advantage of the integration with the bots and the browser of the smartphone to offer a small "game room" within the instant messaging application.