How to play PC videogames on Android with LiquidSky

The application is free (but only for the first three hours) and allows you to play all the videogames on your Steam and Origin library

It would be nice to be able to play all the PC videogames on your Android smartphone. Luckily, now you can, thanks to a new platform called LiquidSky. It is a streaming service designed to play on phones and tablets with Android operating system any PC game.

As it is structured at the moment the LiquidSky platform is also possible to synchronize within it our libraries of PC games. And among them are the most famous ones, such as Steam, Humble, Origin, GoG and Blizzard. To play on the mobile device we won't really need to have a computer. The LiquidSky service, in fact, will provide us with a virtual one to start having fun. The power of this virtual PC will depend exclusively on the subscription plan we decide to subscribe to. Needless to say, the more you pay, the more powerful your computer will be.

How to play with LiquidSky

At this point you're already thinking: "that's it, it's the usual paid application", wrong. The LiquidSky platform can be installed for free on smartphones and tablets. The entry-level model gives you three hours of free access to the streaming platform for games and allows you to play titles with at most 1080p and 60 frames per second. Before playing, however, there is a need to watch a few announcements. To use the Elite or Pro subscription you need to pay. With the Pro subscription we will not have the ads and the titles present will be more performing, the cost is 9.90 euros, while with the Elite one we will have even more hours to play and above all we will have different options for storing our games. In practice we will always have a PC to play on our Android smartphone, without having to buy one. At this point someone will be thinking yes but who knows how much data it consumes if I use it outside the home. The answer is few, about 20mbps to activate and that's it.