How to play Sega, Nintendo and Atari classics on your smartphone

From Super Mario to Sonic, passing by Pac-Man and Tetris. Everyone loves classic video games, here's how to download them to your smartphone

Classic video games, even years later, still have their charm. There are several ways to play them on your computer or through special consoles, but what if you want to try an old Nintendo or Sega title on your smartphone? There are some methods to do it.

Having an old video game on your phone is very convenient. We can play them on the train and during the various movements of the day. In addition, many of these titles do not require great technical features to our smartphone to work well, and they also consume less battery power than a game developed today. To start dusting off a Nintendo game from the nineties we just have to go to the store of our phone, and look for an old title. Many Sega, Atari and Nintendo games have been revisited by some developers and are available for download.

Super Mario

The great Nintendo classic, defined by many as The Videogame, is Super Mario. The most recent title related to gaming's most famous plumber is Super Mario Run. It may not be a game with a vintage flavor but nevertheless it has sparked the attention of many users on both Android and iOS. A more "complete" solution, in the sense that there are more levels, is Super Mario Run Kingdom. Here we will have to build our kingdom by overcoming the various levels. This is also downloadable on iPhone and Android. There are other Super Mario titles, some of them very old, especially on the Google Play Store.


What game can remind you of the old days at the arcade or bar more than Pac-Man? None. Bandai Namco's original version of the game is available on both Android and iOS. And the smartphone game compared to the original is more fun. In fact, there are added missions and various levels to complete.

Atari Classics

Can you get about 100 different video games with one click? Yes, you can. All you have to do is download an app of the classic Atari video games. However, this is only possible on iOS. The list includes all the most famous titles, such as Centipede, Missile Command, Pong and Asteroids. For those interested, you can also find the Atari Arcade Duo Powered joystick on the web. The iPhone compatible controller that can be used to make playing old video games more interesting.


Q*bert is a title for true fans and nostalgic. There are users who have spent hours and hours of their childhood to solve the puzzles of this video game. Today you can try your hand at this title again, which is currently available on both iOS and Android. Compared to the original, the app has improved the 3D graphics and included new levels. Also, in addition to the classic enemy, the snake Coily, there are a whole series of new characters. Like Uppercut, Homer and Treasure Chest.


This is an 8-bit RPG. At the expense of graphics, however, the plot and characters have made it a cult title among many avid video game users. It is the classic game that makes the happiness of nostalgic NES. In the beginning it was designed for the old Nokia models but at the moment is available for any Android. And always on Google Play you can also find the continuation of the saga, or Gurk II and Gurk III (the latter also available on the App Store for iPhone).


Just by pronouncing the name many of us begin to hear the classic music in our minds. We are talking about Tetris. For those who are interested in resuming to set bricks there are not many actions to do, just go to Google Play Store or App Store and download the official application. Be careful though, it's addictive.


We'll end on a high note with another great classic that is in the hearts of many gamers, namely Sonic. Yes, Sonic the Hedgehog, the Sega title among the most played in the history of video games. There are several versions, some of them very recent, and then there is the classic version that can be found both on iOS and Android.