How to play Snake in augmented reality

Nokia has made an augmented reality version of Snake available on Facebook: our face will be transformed into a snake and we'll start eating apples

The very word Snake evokes wonderful memories in each of us. Entire afternoons spent with our Nokia trying to complete the game and overcome the most complicated levels. Ever since the Finnish company returned to the market with its old style cell phones (Nokia 3310 and Nokia 8110), Snake has been one of its strong points. Version 2.0 of the video game offers the same emotions and the same difficulties.

But Nokia didn't stop at just a new version for cell phones and following the trend of recent years, it developed an augmented reality version of Snake. Using the front and rear camera of the smartphone, the user's head will turn into that of a snake, while the surrounding environment will be our playing field. Nokia has developed this new version of Snake together with Facebook, where the video game Snake Real World was already present.

How to activate Snake in augmented reality

To play the new version of Snake you don't need a latest generation smartphone, but you just need a device with two cameras (one front and one rear) and the Facebook application installed. After logging in to the social platform, you'll have to press on the camera icon and choose the Snake Mask filter from those available at the bottom. At this point, your face will be transformed into that of a snake (thanks to the AR masks available on Facebook) and the surrounding environment will become a large playground. If you're in the park, just move your smartphone around and see where the apples are hiding.

Thanks to the integration with Facebook Live, you can broadcast live your adventures with the new version of Snake and wait for your friends' comments.

The video game is available for any smartphone, not just Nokia ones. If you don't find the Snake Mask filter on Facebook, update the application.