How to play Snake on Google Maps

For April 1, Google has developed a version of Google Maps where users can play Snake. Here's how it works

As has been a tradition for several years now Google honors the date of April 1 with a fun "fish" hidden (but not so much to tell the truth) in one of its apps: today, and throughout the week, you can play Snake on Google Maps. Do you remember the famous snake game that kept you attached to your phone in the late 90s and early 2000s?

The first time you played Snake on a phone most likely the phone in question was a Nokia, wasn't "smart" yet and had a very small and monochrome screen. But the idea was right and Snake was played millions and millions of times in those years when social networks didn't exist yet. Much less could you download games from Google's Play Store (there wasn't even Android). It was not uncommon, at the time, to see several people in a waiting room playing Snake to pass the time and this suggests that among the many "April Fools" that Google has given us in recent years this may be one of the most welcome.

Snake on Google Maps

Those who open Google Maps will find, at the top left, the classic icon of the main menu of the app modified with one that recalls the mythical game of Snake. By clicking on the menu you can choose "Play Snake": you don't have to download anything, Google Maps has already done it in the background with the last update. Instead of the classic snake there's a train and the aim of the game is to load as many passengers as possible on board. As in the original game, the train gets longer and longer and it will be increasingly difficult for us to avoid going off the edge of the map and crashing into our own convoy.

You can play Snake on Google Maps using street maps of Cairo, Sao Paulo, London, Sydney, San Francisco, Tokyo or the whole world. While exploring the map with our snake we'll encounter historical places and points of interest of the different cities (for example the Sphinx of Gaza) and if we catch them we'll get bonus points. To maneuver the train we'll have to use the touch screen, which isn't easy to do on smartphones, but luckily you can also play Snake on Google Maps from your desktop and laptop. Just open the browser and go to and use the keyboard to give commands with greater precision.