How to play the old Gig Tiger video games

On the Internet Archive have been added the old Gig Tiger portable video games that in Italy had great success in the early 90s

If you are between 30 and 40 years old, you know very well what are theĀ Gig Tiger and most likely you have spent many hours of your childhood playing one of these devices. Even younger people have probably tried one at least once in their lives, finding it inside their brother's toy box.

For those who don't know what Gig Tigers are, they are the first portable consoles launched in Italy. In the same years in which the GameBoy made its debut, portable consoles arrived from the United States, made by Tiger Electronics and distributed under the name of Gig Tiger. Each device was dedicated to only one game: there were Terminator, Hook, Captain America and sports themed games (soccer, cars). For the children of the '90s was one of the most popular, thanks to a super competitive price: you could buy it for about twenty thousand lire.

Reconsidering the graphics almost thirty years later, we can say that it was far from exceptional, but for the time was the latest fashion. The games were pretty mundane and character movement was based on turning pixels on and off. Now Gig Tiger are back "on the market" and are available for free to all those who want to try them. Internet Archive, the website that acts as an archive of the Net and allows you to search for old versions of websites, has added within the rich section dedicated to video games also Gig Tiger, which can be played directly from your computer.

Gig Tiger, how to play online

On Internet Archive are available a dozen Gig Tiger: ranging from Sonic The Hedgehog, Alfred Beast up to Mortal Kombat. All the videogames are free and to play them you just need a computer with an Internet connection. In each game there is a brief description that explains how to play and which buttons to press. To choose which Gig Tiger to play, just access the section on the Internet Archive. Have fun and have a good return to the 90s.