How to play The Sims Mobile

The Sims video game arrives on the Google Play Store and the App Store: gameplay similar to the original, but with a simpler and "mobile" approach

The Sims, the management game that made the history of video games and from which many titles have taken inspiration (not to say copied), finally arrives on mobile. After a fairly long trial period, Electronic Arts has released The Sims Mobile on the Google Play Store and the App Store. The game is available for free, but there are in-app purchases.

The Sims Mobile is a perfect copy of The Sims made for computers: the user will have to create their own character, grow up, befriend other people, get married, find a job and achieve in life. Does this sound boring? Maybe, but the video game has the merit of always offering different activities that keep your attention even after many hours of play. The application has the merit of proposing on mobile the same settings and the same gameplay of The Sims made for computers. It may sound simple, but it's not: many software companies have tried to make a mobile version of successful video games and have failed on many occasions.

The Sims Mobile, growing up has never been so much fun

Building a house, raising a family, having children, doing a job that satisfies us. The gameplay of The Sims is extremely simple, but to accomplish the objectives we set requires hours and hours of play. As soon as you start, you'll have to create your character and customize it according to your tastes. After completing the first missions and the first level, you'll have to create a second character, and once you get to the eighth level you'll find yourself already married. The growth in the game is far from fast, but being able to manage multiple characters there will always be something to do.

The mobile version of The Sims has been made with great care, something not usual for the transposition on smartphones of a video game created for the computer. The management of one's character, the creation of a house, the complete daily activities can all be done with great ease. There is a lot of content available to users, although in many cases you have to pay to unlock an item to customize your home.

The Sims Mobile, when it comes out

The Sims Mobile is already available for Italian users. There is no need to wait for an official release date: you can download it from online stores.

The Sims Mobile, how to download

The Sims Mobile is available for free on the Google Play Store and the Apple Store. To download it to your smartphone, just launch the store's application and search for "The Sims Mobile". You have to be careful about in-app purchases, many of the contents are paid.