How to post the image that makes Instagram go haywire

In recent days, many users are posting very large images that extend vertically, taking up the entire screen

If in recent days you've noticed some strange images posted on Instagram, with completely wrong dimensions and that make the social application go haywire, you don't have to worry, you're not the only ones. In fact, for a few days now, the Instagram app for iPhone has been plagued by a rather annoying problem: if a user decides to post a very long photo that extends vertically, the application fails to shrink it and posts it "au naturel".

For this reason, in recent days, the Instagram feed has been filled with "oversize" images that take up the entire screen and force users to scroll down several times to see it all. From the information collected in recent days, this is a problem that affects only the iPhone version of Instagram, while for Android the app is able to crop the image and show it with the classic size.

Instagram, how to publish "oversize" images

Large photos, which extend vertically and take up the whole screen. This is the phenomenon that in recent hours is affecting Instagram: many users have begun to publish images that extend vertically that the application can not resize them. For what reason? It would seem that the cause is a problem with the iPhone app that does not resize photos and publishes them "au naturel". And users have immediately taken advantage of this to post oversized images.

How do you post images on Instagram that send the application into a tailspin? First you need to have an iPhone and then an image that extends vertically, so very long. At this point you open the application, add the photo to be published and that's it. The application doesn't recognize the wrong size of the image and publishes it without resizing it.

The final effect is images that seem to be "pixelated", but the fault is of the application that doesn't manage them.

The solution is coming

Instagram technicians have sent an email to The Verge, one of the most important sites in the world of technology, in which they confirm the existence of the problem and assure that a fix is already on the way. In fact, there are testimonies of some users who in recent hours have tried to publish "oversize" images from the iPhone and an error message appeared on the screen.