How to prevent apps from taking over your Android smartphone

The threats are usually contained within apps downloaded from digital markets alternative to the Play Store. Here's how to defend yourself

Google has always tried to improve the security of its mobile operating system. Android O, the latest version of the green dot, has new tools to fight malware and viruses. Despite this, Mountain View's OS continues to be targeted by cyber criminals.

The threats are usually contained within apps downloaded from digital markets alternative to the Play Store.Although several times hackers have managed to infiltrate malware even inside the official Android store. A malicious app, depending on the type of malware hosted, is a risk to users' data. The most dangerous ones are those that manage to gain control of the smartphone. The malicious program in these cases acquires administrator privileges. In other words, after getting its hands on the device, the infected app can execute any command. It can, for example, install other malware and viruses.

An app that manages to take control of the smartphone is difficult to remove. And not only that. The malware hides the app from the eyes of the victims, who basically do not know that they have been infected. Preventing malicious apps from taking over is therefore very important. Here's how to do it.

How to block access to administrator privileges

Let's start explaining how the malicious app acts. Once downloaded, the first thing it does is ask victims for permission to acquire administrator privileges. If the user refuses, the app will keep showing the message on smartphones periodically, aiming to lead the unfortunate person to grant the permission. If obtained, the virus gets control of the cell phone.

But all is not lost. To uninstall the malicious software, you need to revoke the app's administrator privileges first. To do this, go into Android settings and from there into "Security". Next, click on "Device Administrators" and cancel the permission of the malware. Then, you can proceed with the removal of the app in question.

As mentioned, the app is not always visible or you can easily disable it. In such cases, it may be useful to resort to Safe Mode to get rid of the malware.

How to protect yourself from malicious apps

In general, it is best to prevent installation of malicious apps. Therefore, it is very important to use only the Play Store and avoid downloading Android programs from unknown sources. The reason is simple: since they are not checked, it is very likely that the apps contain malware

Consider, before installing an app, reviews as well. The opinions of other users might help you stay away from malicious software.

Also remember to always keep your smartphone updated, as well as the installed apps. Companies and developers also frequently release updates to fix errors and vulnerabilities before they are discovered by hackers.