How to print a web page without ads

When we have to print an Internet page the risk is to waste a lot of pages and ink on ads and photographs, so here's how to eliminate them

Everyone will have happened at least once to have to print a page taken from the Internet. It is a simple operation but often not very convenient. When we decide to print a web page, in fact, the ads on the site will consume a lot of ink and pages.

Unfortunately, it is possible to print an Internet page without reporting all the advertisements on the website. To get rid of these ads, there are very few steps to take and anyone, even those who are not very familiar with computers, can do it. To print a website without ads you don't need to install any application, it will be our own web browser to suggest a way to print without ads. So here's how you can print a web page without ads depending on the browser you use on your computer.

Google Chrome

If you usually use Google Chrome, to print a page from the web that interests you, all you have to do is go to the menu, the icon with three vertical dots, and then select the Print option. We can also press the shortcut Ctrl+P. In the print preview we'll notice the Other Settings item, click on it and here we choose to reduce the margins, eliminate background graphics (it will turn photos and ads into gray boxes) and we can also delete headers and footers to avoid having multiple sheets to print.

Internet Explorer

If we usually use the browser Internet Explorer, to print a web page we have to go to File > Print Preview. At this point a page will open with the simplified version of the site, clicking on the gear icon, or the section dedicated to options, we can customize the graphics of the print. In this way we can eliminate the photos and advertisements in the background. By clicking on the button to the right of the gear (called "Enable or disable headers or footers") we can add the website address and date. The advice is to delete this information to reduce the number of sheets needed for printing.


On the Microsoft Edge browser printing a web page without ads is very simple. First we open the browser and go to the web page we want to print, then click on the menu (the three horizontal dots icon in the upper right corner). Then we select the Print item. Here we will be able to reduce margins and disable headers and footers. By default the Microsoft browser turns unnecessary ads and photos into gray boxes.

Mozilla Firefox

If we usually use Mozilla Firefox we will have several customizations available on our web page to print. Before we do anything else, we have to go to File > Page Setup > Margins and Header/Page Footer. Through these pop-up menus we will have the possibility to select or remove different elements, futile for reading, present in the web page. If we select "Customize" from the pop-up menu, we can replace any element of the page with a custom text.


If we use Safari as our default browser, we just have to go to the page we want to print and press Ctrl + P + R to open the browser's Reader. In addition to this quick command we can also click in the icon, similar to lines of written text, next to the site URL to open the reader. From the print preview, as we have done with other browsers, we delete the elements, such as photos and headers, that don't interest us and we are ready to print without waste.