How to print from iPhone and iPad

To print a document or a photo you don't always need a computer, thanks to AirPrint you can send files to the printer also from iPhone

When we need to print some important document, either at home or at the office, we usually look for a computer to send the file to the printer. Yet this is an unnecessary operation. If we own an iPhone or an iPad, in fact, we can print using our Apple device.

There are several solutions to print a work email or a simple photo from our Apple smartphone or tablet. The important thing is that the printer in question is compatible with the AirPrint application and has a Wi-Fi connection. Thanks to AirPrint we can print high quality documents without having to install printer drivers. The requirements for the app to run on smartphones and tablets are quite minimal: any iPad model, an iPhone 3GSĀ or later version and an iPod Touch third generation or higher.

Printing with AirPrint

Before seeing how to print a document, remember that to use AirPrint both the printer and the iPhone, or iPad, must be connected to the same Wi-Fi network. At this point we open the application where we have saved the file we intend to print. To give some examples, Safari if it is a Web page, the gallery if it is a photo or the download section if it is a document. At the top right of our screen we will find a small icon that marks AirPrint, if we click it we will automatically activate the Print function. If the printer and the smartphone are properly associated will be the app itself to suggest the device through which to print. If this does not happen, click on Select Printer to find it. At this point, before printing, we have to choose the number of copies, up to a maximum of 99. If we click on Options on this page we can also choose the other various printing settings. Once this is done, just click on Print and you're done.

Use email to print

There is also another method to print with iPhone and iPad without having to use AirPrint. But we can only do it with some of the latest generation printers, especially Epson or HP, which have an integrated email address. Basically we just need to email the document from the iPhone to the printer and then select that file for printing. Just remember that printers are not capable of handling all formats but they work very well with the most common ones like Word, PowerPoint and Excel, JPG and PNG.