How to print notes from a PowerPoint presentation

If you use PowerPoint a lot for work or study, you may find yourself needing to print presentation notes. Here's how to get it done in just a few clicks

Those who have never used it at least once in their lives, let them cast the first stone. Even though it looks like Tom Thumb in front of "holy monsters" such as Word and Excel, PowerPoint is one of the most used software in the school and, above all, in the workplace.

Meritably because of the many features that allow you to make presentations on practically any subject and in a matter of minutes. Presentation notes are one of the most head-scratching features when using PowerPoint. Not so much for the feature itself (just write notes in the box at the bottom), but for printing. When it comes time to print the presentation slides, you never know how to include the notes (or print only the presentation notes). Yet, it's an operation as simple as it is trivial: it will only take a few clicks to be able to imprint on a page the notes we have written and that will help us in the discussion of the slides we have prepared. Don't know how to print PowerPoint notes? Then the following paragraphs will be of great help to you.

How to print PowerPoint presentation notes with slides

To print the speaker's notes of a PowerPoint presentation from within the open working document click on the File entry, which we find in the upper left corner. A new tab will open and from the list of options on the left we select Print. At this point in the various print settings on the right we need to click on the "Full Page Slides" item. This will open a drop down menu from which we need to select the Notes Page option. This will create a printout of all the slides including the speaker's notes. If you are satisfied with the settings click Print and within a few minutes you will have your hard copy of the presentation including notes.

How to print PowerPoint presentation notes without slides

Printing notes with slides is fine if you have a small number of slides, but if your presentation is very long printing all the slides will not make it easier to present but will only make it more confusing. In the case of long PowerPoint presentations, it is advisable to print only the speaker's notes, which will be ordered by page and will give us a logical thread to follow during the oral presentation. How to do this? Simple, go to the View tab at the top of the PowerPoint document. A drop-down menu will open from which we select the Notes Page option. At this point we will see the thumbnail of all pages and notes at the bottom, we need to delete all thumbnails of the slides manually, by selecting them and pressing Delete on the keyboard, to leave only our notes. Once we have deleted all the thumbnails of the slides let's go to File, always in the upper left corner, and then to Print. At this point, in the print options, make sure that the item Page Notes is present and start printing our notes. And that's it.