How to protect your Facebook account with two-factor authentication

After the Facebook security flaw many users are running for cover to protect their account, here's how to do it with two-factor authentication

The latest Facebook security flaw that allowed hackers to steal the most confidential data and information of more than 50 million accounts on the famous social media several users are starting to worry and take action to better protect their profile. So here's how to activate two-factor authentication to defend access to our Facebook account.

For those who don't know it yet, two-factor authentication is an account protection system that requires, in addition to the use of the normal password, a second temporary access code, which is usually received via SMS, call or email. In this way, without the second password a hacker cannot take possession of our profile even if he somehow manages to steal our main password, i.e. the one we set on Facebook or another social media when we signed up. Activating it on Facebook, as well as other online services is important and also very simple. Here's how to do it on Mark Zuckerberg's social media in a few simple steps.

How to activate two-factor authentication on Facebook

First, to set up two-factor authentication we need to access our Facebook account. In the Home Page we look at the top right and click on the down arrow that we find on the right. In this way we will open the menu related to our account. Let's click on Settings. In the new page that will open in the menu on the left we have to select the heading Security and Access. Another new tab will open from which in the various options on the right we must select the item Use two-factor authentication. Click on Start and here we have two options: either send the code via SMS to the smartphone or use a specific application such as Google Authenticator or Duo Mobile (these are apps that generate temporary access codes to enter our services, a system very similar to that adopted by banks for operations through smart banking). Once you have made your choice, click on Next and Save. In this way we will have activated the protection of the Facebook account with two-factor authentication and we will be immune to hacker attacks on our profile.