How to protect your Facebook profile picture

All members, even those not listed as friends, can click and enlarge your Facebook profile picture. Here's what to do to defend yourself

Anyone can peek at your Facebook profile picture: one click and the image present in the "square" from small becomes large, revealing numerous details. Yet, with a few simple measures, you can protect your photo, blocking those who want to take a peek at your picture.

Until some time ago, the social network had a very useful feature: changing the settings it was possible, in fact, to block the opening of the image. In other words, no one, including contacts in the friends list, could click on the profile photo and enlarge the image. Unfortunately, with the latest updates the functionality is no longer available. As well as it is practically useless to try to raise the level of privacy of the image, making it visible "only to us". All members, even those who are not among our friends, can click and enlarge the Facebook profile image.

But all is not lost. Here's how to do to protect your Facebook profile image.

Cut the photo

Let's start with the easiest trick to put into practice. The social network, with one of the latest updates, introduced a new editing tool, which is used to modify the profile image. To prevent some nosy person from putting his eyes on some details of your life, it would be advisable to exclude them from the photo. And the new tool could prove to be very useful. The system, in fact, allows users to cut the profile image, giving it a square shape. In this way it is possible to exclude sensitive elements from the photo, which are not visible even if someone tries to enlarge the photo.

Resize the image

Another trick to protect the profile image is to replace the photo with a smaller copy. By doing so, the photo will remain in "mignon" size even when opened. To resize the profile image is sufficient to use any editing program: the important thing is that the photo does not exceed the size 180 x 180 pixels. Try it: you'll find a photo big enough to cover the classic square, which will be only slightly larger when opened.

Change privacy settings

If everyone can see your Facebook profile picture, they are also able to access all your other old profile photos, and snoop on your life in this way. But don't worry, you just need to change your privacy settings to block the "snoopers". To do this, you need to select each picture, press "Edit", then click on "Custom" and finally on "Just me". And that's it.