How to quickly recharge your smartphone

Here are some little tricks to put into practice when you have little time and your smartphone battery is about to run out completely

Let's imagine an everyday scene: we come home from work but we have just 20, maximum 30 minutes, to change and succeed. What to do if your smartphone is almost out of power? Easy, let's use some tricks to speed up the process of charging your phone.

The tips we'll list in this guide are good for both Apple home devices, so iPhone and iPad, and Android smartphones. If we have several Apple accessories, the advice is to use an iPad charger to charge the iPhone as well. It may seem strange but the charger of the Cupertino tablet is much more powerful. In this way the iPhone will take at least half an hour less for charging. According to users, it has no negative effect on battery life.

Airplane Mode

Another effective tip to decrease charging time is to activate the airplane mode during the process. This way the consumption during charging will be minimal. Some smartphones take exactly half the time to recharge if the airplane mode is activated. Obviously at the end remember to deactivate the mode, otherwise we will not be able to make calls, send messages or surf the Web.

Take off the covers

This is a tip that has a double value. The covers, especially the rubber ones, tend to overheat the phone during the charging phases. This leads to two problems. The first is given by the battery life. By dint of continuous recharging at high temperatures it will get damaged quickly. The second problem is that high temperatures slow down the charging process. So before charging the smartphone, take off the cover and possibly leave the phone in a cool place.

Don't use the smartphone

One of the most common gestures, which slows down the charging process and can be harmful to the battery, is using the smartphone. Every time we activate the Wi-Fi, or check notifications, or even worse if we play, the smartphone loses charging power and will take much longer to reach an acceptable battery threshold.

Portable charger

If we just can not help but use the smartphone continuously and the battery is our enemy number one, we have no choice but to buy a portable charger. Be careful to choose only a model verified and compatible with our phone, to avoid damage and dangerous overheating.