How to read e-books at the beach with the water-resistant Kindle

Reading at the beach is a great pleasure, but splashing water can damage books as well as e-book readers. Luckily there is a solution and it doesn't cost too much.

Hands up who has never leafed through a book on the beach: today, thanks to technology, we can leave at home the weight of paper and the choice of tomes to bring with us and abandon ourselves to the pleasure of this activity in digital format, thanks to ebooks. Not even the risk of "unwelcome" dives is scary anymore with Amazon Kindle Paperwhite, the water resistant e-reader.

If the hectic times of everyday life often preclude the pleasure of a relaxing reading, the summer period is the one in which you can regain possession of the small pleasures of life. For many, reading a good book and devote to themselves a few hours of leisure is what you need, perhaps cuddled by the waves in the background. Often, however, the sea scares those who love electronic devices: if the waves are natural friends of relaxation, they are also one of the fiercest enemies of devices. But now there's a remedy to this worry, and it's the Kindle Paperwhite, the water-resistant ebook reader that allows you to bring the joy of carefree reading under the umbrella.

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite: technical specifications

One of the strengths of Kindle Paperwhite is undoubtedly its design: thin (only 8.2 millimeters) and extremely light, 182 grams for the Wi-Fi-only version and 191 gr. for the version that includes free cellular connectivity, it's comfortable to carry in your bag or hand, in the specially designed case that also protects it from scratches and bumps. Water, on the other hand, is taken care of by IPX8 certification; not even accidental immersion, 60 minutes to a depth of 2 meters in fresh water or 3 minutes to 0.25 meters in salt water, scares it away.

Available with both 8GB and 32GB memory to save all your favorite reads, it can stay on for weeks on a single full charge. Another notable quality is the 300 ppi screen: taking advantage of the 4 LED adjustable light, reading is easy and relaxing for the eyes, both outdoors and indoors, avoiding reflections, with full light and in low light conditions, including night.

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite: how much it costs

The ebook reader, on sale on Amazon, is available in multiple configurations. It starts with the 8 GB for the model with advertising, priced at € 129.99, which rises to € 159.99 for the 32 GB one.

The same version without advertising, however, rises to € 139.99 for the smaller memory cut and € 169.99 for the higher one. The alternative free with cellular connectivity, without advertising and 32GB, holds the highest cost of € 179.99.

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