How to recharge Iliad online

There are several options to recharge Iliad online: directly from the official website, from smartphones and tablets or with automatic recharge.

One of the most recent telephone operators landed in Italy, known as Iliad, has become very popular in the country and more and more users are choosing this new solution. But how to recharge Iliad? Despite the fact that the profile of this company is very different from that of traditional phone operators operating in Italy, such as the absence of an app and a small number of outlets, recharge is a fairly easy operation.

Recharge Iliad online: how to do it

The easiest solution to recharge Iliad is online: just connect to the operator's website, type the phone number you want to recharge, then select the amount and confirm by clicking on the button called "recharge".  There are different denominations available on the Iliad site for the online recharge: it goes from a minimum amount of 5 euros and on, five by five, up to 50 euros.

Once confirmed the will to make a recharge, a screen opens in which you can choose between two different payment methods: either MasterCard credit card or Visa. Prepaid debit cards are also acceptable, as long as they belong to one of these two circuits. Once you have entered all the card data, including code, name of the holder, expiration date and CVV code, you must click on the recharge button. If the card used has a 3D Secure option, the system will send a numerical code to the user's cell phone, via SMS, to confirm the payment: this confirmation must be done by typing the code in the screen on the computer.

Automatic recharge

To recharge Iliad automatically, simply choose a payment method of your choice between debiting your bank account or credit card, so that you do not have to remember to repeat the operation every time you renew the offer of the operator. To set this type of option you need to access the site and log in from your personal area, entering your username and password. There is also the possibility to recover your credentials if you have forgotten them. Once in your private area you will have to go and choose the desired payment method, entering the relevant data and select the automatic payment option.

Recharge Iliad from smartphones and tablets

How to recharge Iliad from a device other than a computer? The procedure is similar to that of the PC, because, as mentioned, this operator does not have a dedicated app. You will therefore have to access the website of the French company in any case, using one of the browsers for network access installed on the device, whether Chrome or Safari. You must then connect to the site by entering your data, in the same way as for access from a PC. On the open page you can indicate your number, the amount you want to recharge and the method of payment. If the recharge is successful, Iliad will send a confirmation sms.

Other ways to recharge Iliad

If instead of using the network you want to recharge Iliad in a different way, you can go personally to a Simbox, where you can pay with a credit card, or at a point Sisal or Lottomatica, where you can also decide to pay in cash.