How to recharge Netflix online and not

The spread of Netflix around the world has been incredible in recent years. The streaming service has officially become part of our lives. Having so many products, including movies and TV series, just a click away is a real boon for many users. A real boom in viewing has been recorded during the global lockdown due to the coronavirus emergency, which has further strengthened the online audiovisual market.

To activate the service for the first time or restore it is obviously necessary to pay the monthly fee provided by the company. It is therefore necessary to recharge your Netflix account, choosing from various options available to you. Here is a complete guide to the procedure, in order to identify and follow the path most in line with your habits. You can do it digitally, using innovative payment systems or a classic bank account. However, it is not possible to exclude the way of cash, which many people still use on a daily basis.

Methods of Netflix recharge

Not everyone wants a sum of money regularly subtracted from their current account, even if it is a well-known sum of money, related to a service, such as the one offered by Netflix, which they intend to renew from time to time.

Many people prefer to have constant control of their economic situation, in terms of income and expenditure. In this case, in order to have a total management of your subscription, you can constantly use a Netflix gift card. In this way you will be able to decide the exact period in which to keep your account active. This is a real recharge, like the ones you make on your smartphone.

You can buy it online or, if you prefer, at a physical store. It is very easy now to find stands with Netflix recharges even at the supermarket. These are cards containing secret codes to insert into your account, with denominations of 15, 25 and 50 euros. The duration of your subscription will be linked to the amount provided by Netflix, which offers different solutions, with different costs.

It is good to know that the cards do not have an expiration date. There is also no additional cost involved. You get exactly what you pay for. There is also no limit on these recharges. After entering a first code, you can also add a second one. The figures will simply add up, increasing your available balance.

Or you can decide to associate your Netflix account with one of the classic bank and online payment methods. In this way, once you've decided on the amount you want to pay, depending on the type of subscription, you'll get a subtraction of the monthly sum, automatically. This is the ideal solution for those who want to manage the smallest possible number of bills at the end of the month. After setting up the service, everything will go automatically, until the eventual deactivation. You can pay Netflix with a credit or debit card (Visa, Visa Electron, MasterCard, American Express and Postepay), as well as with PayPal, which is a digitized payment service.

Recharging with a gift card

Recharging through a gift card is very simple. The first step is to purchase one of these cards at a physical store. It will be very easy to find them in any electronic store. The big chains in the industry, such as Euronics for example, also allow you to purchase online. All you need to do is go to their official website and type Netflix in the search bar at the top. Cliccando su "Acquista online" si potrà ottenere una carta regalo, selezionando l’importo desiderato tra i tagli a disposizione.

Questo acquisto online prevede però il possesso di un account Euronics, così come Expert o altri. Che si proceda all’acquisto in negozio oppure online, ciò che si otterrà è un codice. Questo potrà essere sfruttato nella seguente sezione del sito ufficiale di Netflix:

L’apertura della pagina mostra due opzioni. La prima è una barra nella quale dover inserire il codice. In seguito si dovrà cliccare sul tasto "Riscatta", così da aggiornare il credito del proprio account. L’altra opzione è "Compra carte regalo". Cliccando su questo tasto si verrà indirizzati su un’altra pagina.

È qui possibile scegliere un acquisto online o in negozio. Optando per quest’ultima soluzione, il sito metterà a disposizione tutti i marchi che garantiscono la presenza di carte regalo Netflix nei propri negozi fisici:

  • MediaWorld
  • GameStop
  • Esselunga
  • Unieuro
  • Euronics
  • Sisal
  • PuntoLis
  • Mondadori

L’acquisto online è invece garantito dai seguenti siti:

  • Euronics
  • Startselect
  • GameStop

Per quanto concerne le carte regalo Netflix acquistate online, le opzioni a disposizione sono limitate. Viene a sparire la carta da 15 euro, con possibilità di ricarica limitate a quota 25 e 50 euro. Si ottiene ciò che si paga, senza alcuna tassazione. Online è inoltre possibile optare per una carta regalo Netflix variabile. This means setting a personalized amount, the value of which will vary from a minimum of 25 euros to a maximum of 150 euros.

Different procedure for payment through credit card, debit card, bank account and Paypal account. After registering regularly, you will be able to access the Netflix home page, from which you can go to the Account section.

It is here that you can fully manage your situation related to the digital platform. At the top you will see the email you indicated during registration to receive any communication, as well as your phone number.

The section "Manage payment details" allows you to link to your account a specific credit or debit card, as well as a PayPal account. Once the first payment has been made, you can also check what is indicated as the billing day, or the date on which the desired amount will be automatically withdrawn.

It goes without saying that the purchase of a gift card online requires the possession of a bank account or at least a prepaid card. Those who want to use cash can always do so by going to a physical store, as pointed out. It should be noted, however, that the two procedures are not mutually exclusive. In fact, it is possible to link a bank account or prepaid card data to your Netflix profile. This can be interrupted at will, deactivating the connection in a few clicks through the Account section of the official website.

Once this step is done, you can decide to stay for a while or forever without the Netflix service or, alternatively, opt for top-ups. This is what happens when you want to put a brake on the monthly economic outgoings domiciled. The same is true for long periods in which you already know you will not be able to use the service constantly. In order to avoid wasting your money, you decide to terminate the domiciliation, opting for recharges. In this way you will pay Netflix only within the limits of a certain amount, related to a certain period of time.

Change Netflix plan

Netflix provides its wide customer base with three different streaming plans. You can choose the one that best suits your needs. The basic plan, it goes without saying, is the cheapest one.

If you tend to use Netflix sporadically and at home, this option is for you. The expected cost is 7.99 euros monthly, or 95.88 annually. You can watch your favorite products on only one device at a time. At the same time, you are only allowed to download videos to one cell phone or tablet. Each video, whether streaming or downloading, will have a standard image definition. This makes it impossible to share an account within a household. Under no circumstances will it be possible to watch a TV series or a movie at the same time on two different screens in the house.

The Standard HD option instead has a monthly cost of 11.99 euros, or 143.88 euros per year. In this case, the first difference you'll notice is in the quality of the images. A huge leap from standard to Full HD (1080p). The products in the catalog can be viewed on two devices at the same time. It will also be possible to download movies on 2 smartphones or tablets. A couple could serenely decide to take advantage of this option, which guarantees a certain saving and, at the same time, offers no obstacles to the two, who will be able to follow separately the TV series and movies of their interest.

The last option offered by Netflix's streaming plan is Premium Ultra HD. The name hints at a further evolution of video quality, this time offering both Full HD (1080p) and Ultra HD (4K). The latter option is only available for products in the catalog shot with this technology, which is now very widespread. The monthly cost is 15.99 euros per month, or 191.88 euros per year. With this option you can watch movies, TV series, documentaries, shorts and more on up to four devices simultaneously. The same applies to downloads, which are allowed on four smartphones and tablets. This is the economical option preferred by families. While it is true that the cost is double that of Base, it must be said that every member of the family will never have to do without their favorite programs, in or out of the house.