How to Recover Deleted Android Photos

If we delete a picture from Android smartphone, it is possible to recover it using ad hoc apps. Here's how to do it

One of the most unpleasant things that can happen to us in the daily use of smartphones is to accidentally delete some photos that we care about. We take a lot of photos every day and most of them are really useless in the long run. That's why, every now and then, it's a good idea to invest some time to delete some of them and free up space on our device.

The problem, though, is that when we're in front of the Gallery app (or any other app we want to use to clean up old photos) very often we don't have the patience to check one by one the photos we want to delete. And in the end, even some important pictures get deleted. Luckily, though, you can use third-party apps to at least partially undo the damage. But it has to be done very quickly, for the reasons we are about to explain. Finally, thanks to the free Google Photos app, you can completely prevent the possibility that a photo you care about could be lost forever.

How to Recover Photos with DiskDigger

There are hundreds of useful apps on the Play Store for recovering accidentally deleted photos. Among the best is DiskDigger, which does its job well without being too invasive with ads (which are only displayed in the Free version and not even in the Pro version that costs $4). Ideally, you should have the app installed on your smartphone before deleting the photos, for a very simple reason: with your phone always connected to the Internet, some of the data in the photos you just deleted could be overwritten by other downloaded data, making it impossible to recover that file.

With DiskDigger, basically, we can scan the memory of our smartphone and select all the photos we want to "resurrect". The thing works, but with a big limitation (besides the fact that the data must not have already been overwritten): we can only recover the previews of the photos, so the resolution will be much lower than the original photo. To recover the original photo, however, we need the Pro version of the app and we need root permissions on the smartphone.

How to avoid losing photos if we delete them

Prevention is always better than cure, so a good way to avoid losing photos when we accidentally delete them is to use Google Photos. Google's official image app, in fact, independently backs up photos to our free space on Google's servers. We can set the app to upload photos at high resolution, or at original resolution. High resolution is always lower than original resolution, but it's still more than enough to save good photos and has the huge advantage of not using up space on our Google account. If we save photos at original resolution, however, they will take up part of our GB.