How to recover deleted files from Windows 10 with File History

On computers running Windows 10 there are several methods to restore a damaged or accidentally deleted important document, here's how to do it

Sometimes by making a backup, or just using our computer, you can accidentally delete, or damage, an important document. Luckily, if we own a PC with Windows 10 operating system, thanks to the File History feature we can recover deleted or ruined files.

There are several methods to perform a restore. One of the fastest is to check the Previous Versions from the properties of a document. To do this, right-click on the file and select Properties from the pop-up menu. At this point in the page that appears we should check if there are Previous Versions of the document. In this way we'll avoid eventual saving errors or damage to the file. This is a quick action but not very thorough.

How to recover a deleted file using File Explorer

To do a recovery with advanced options we should first open the section called File Explorer. Here we go to the part marked Home and look for the History button (it is located in the upper right corner). At this point if you want to revert back to a version prior to the changes you will have to select the desired file in File Explorer and then click the History button (via Home). After that you will see a list with all the saved versions of the same file. You can restore a file by replacing it with the present one or keep both. Be careful because the default choice is replacement. So if you are interested in both versions, don't be in too much of a hurry to complete the operation.

Deleted File

What to do if one or more files have been deleted by mistake? To restore a deleted file on Windows 10 we simply open the folder in which it was saved before deletion. Inside this folder we always press the History button (top right). At this point we will see a list of recent documents saved in that folder and we can restore them. Be careful though, to use this feature, as well as to restore from File Explorer, you need to activate File History. To do so, just go to Settings and follow the wizard inside the Backup & Restore section (you'll need a USB key or an external hard drive).