How to recover deleted iCloud files

Do you want to recover deleted files from iCloud? The system allows you to restore photos, videos, contacts and all the documents you need. Here's how to do it

iCloud is an essential tool for Apple users. It allows you to store and share documents of different types: photos, music, videos, apps and much more. The real strength is that all documents, once stored online, can be used by all connected Apple devices.

In addition to sharing files with the network of Apple devices, you can also send your location, invitations to events, and thanks to iCloud you can even find your iPhone, iPad or Mac in case of loss. Unfortunately, as it happens with all storage systems, even with the one signed by Apple it can happen to inadvertently delete a photo, video or other document. Fortunately, the system doesn't delete them permanently, but keeps them for a maximum of 40 days. It is therefore possible to restore everything you have just deleted. The procedure for recovering deleted files from iCloud is very quick and easy.

Easily recover deleted files from iCloud

Have you deleted an iCloud file and even emptied the recycle bin to complete the task? Now you'd like to go back in time to get that document back. Fortunately, the system allows you to retrieve it in a simple way. The procedure is even simpler if the file was in a folder synchronized with iCloud Drive.

First, you need to access from the browser and go to the Settings screen. From here, within the Advanced Settings just click on Restore Files which you will find in the lower left area. This opens a window where all the deleted documents from the last 30 days are shown. The system allows you to select one or more files in order to restore their location on iCloud Drive.

When the system has finished the process, the restored file will be available again in its original location.

Recovery deleted photos and videos from iCloud

Apple's cloud storage also allows you to restore recently deleted videos and photos from iPhone, iPad or other brand devices. iCloud contains all photos and videos saved on the device. You can recover all those deleted less than 40 days earlier. To do so, you need to access from the web and click on Photos and then Albums at the top of the screen. Here you can click on the recently deleted album, restore it entirely or select only the photos you want. After completing the selection you need to click on Recover.

Recovery deleted contacts from iCloud

In addition to deleted files, iCloud also allows you to recover deleted contacts. In this case, it is not possible to select them individually as it was the case with documents. However, you can recover the back-ups periodically performed by the system.

To recover lost or corrupted contacts, you should first save the newly added contacts by exporting them to the Mac so that you can import them again once you restore them. Otherwise, they would be lost. To recover deleted contacts on iCloud, you need to go to the Advanced Settings and click on the Restore Contacts item at the bottom left. All the latest back-ups will appear on the screen. After selecting the desired archive and clicking Restore, the system will display the list of contacts present in the newly recovered list. iCloud also allows you to recover other important items including, calendars, reminders and bookmarks. The procedure to follow is always the same, simply select the desired item from your Apple device.