How to recover deleted messages on WhatsApp

Have you ever accidentally deleted a WhatsApp conversation and don't know how to recover it? Don't worry, nothing serious has happened: you just need to know a simple procedure to recover deleted messages. You don't need to install any third-party application, but you only need to activate a feature present in WhatsApp settings.

We are talking about WhatsApp backup. In order to recover accidentally deleted messages or chats, you need to have previously activated the feature to backup the application. If you have everything in order and the backup is recent enough (a couple of days old at most), you can proceed with recovering deleted WhatsApp conversations. First you have to uninstall the application and re-install it from scratch and then use the backup to reactivate your account. A procedure that will only steal you a couple of minutes. But beware. Using a backup that is a few days old may cause you to lose some of your recently received messages. So, before proceeding to recover WhatsApp chats, consider carefully what you should do.

How to backup WhatsApp

How to check if the application is backed up? The procedure is slightly different depending on your smartphone model: Android or iOS.

On Android you need to go into Settings, press on the Chat item and then on Chat Backup. A tab will open where you can choose how often you want to backup WhatsApp (weekly, daily, monthly, Never) and on which Google Drive account you want to do it (you have to enter your personal Google email). In the same tab you will also find the date of the last backup made: it will be useful to understand if you should recover the deleted WhatsApp chat.

On the iPhone you have to open WhatsApp, press on Settings, then on Chats and finally on Chat Backup. iOS users can choose to make a daily automatic backup, or manual backup. The conversations are saved to your iCloud space. In the Chat Backup tab you will also find information about when the last WhatsApp backup was made.

If the backup is recent enough and you need to recover the deleted chat, you can start the procedure.

WhatsApp, how to recover deleted conversations

The first thing to do is the most delicate one: delete WhatsApp from your smartphone. In fact, in order to get back the deleted messages you need to remove the application from your device. Once this first very delicate step is completed, you must access the Google Play Store or the App Store and install WhatsApp again. Proceed with the configuration of your personal profile and at some point it will ask you whether you want to recover messages from a backup. Give your consent and wait a few minutes for your profile to be configured.

When the procedure is complete, in the WhatsApp home page you'll find all the messages you deleted by mistake.