How to recover Ho.Mobile SIM PIN

Don't remember the PIN of your Ho.Mobile SIM card? Simple: you just need to know the PUK code of your card. Here's how to recover it

A few months ago Ho.Mobile (also known as ho-mobile) arrived in Italy, the virtual and low cost operator of Vodafone that is shaking up the market with very low rates, large amounts of GB of data traffic, unlimited minutes and SMS.

Many people have already bought a new Ho.Mobile SIM to take advantage of the offers and as it often happens some have already lost the PIN of the Ho.Mobile SIM and can not find it. In order to recover the PIN of the phone card you have two options: use the PUK code or request a replacement SIM through the service center. These operations will only take you a few minutes, so here is how to recover your Ho.Mobile SIM PIN.

Recovery Ho.Mobile SIM PIN via PUK

Like any SIM, Ho.Mobile SIM cards are delivered to the customer with a laminated card that contains the PIN, PUK and the serial number of the SIM itself. The first thing to do to retrieve the four-digit Ho.Mobile PIN, therefore, is to look for this card. If you find it and the PIN is still readable, then you're done. If you find it but the PIN is no longer readable (or you've changed it in the meantime), you'll have to look for the PUK, which is that very long number that can't be changed in any way, unlike the PIN which is changeable. The PUK, by the way, can also be viewed from the Ho.Mobile app, from the personal area of the operator's website and you can also retrieve it by calling 800688788.

After entering the wrong PIN three times, the smartphone will ask you to enter the PUK. Once you enter the PUK you can change the PIN, unlock the SIM and use it on your smartphone for data and phone traffic. As with all SIM cards, Ho.Mobile SIM cards will be permanently blocked if you enter the wrong PUK ten times in a row.

What to do if your Hu.Mobile SIM is blocked

If you have entered the wrong PUK ten times, your card is blocked and must be replaced with a new one. To do this, you must go to a Ho.Mobile point of sale. It is possible to replace the SIM in case of: theft or loss, lock due to wrong PUK, SIM malfunctioning, voluntary replacement. The replacement is free within the first 24 months of purchase of the SIM, while it costs 5 euros (which will be charged to your remaining phone credit) in other cases.

To proceed with the replacement of the card you must bring with you to the store a valid identity document and the tax code. Obviously you must be the owner of the card and the SIM must be registered in your name. You must also bring with you the locked SIM card or, in case of theft or loss, the report made to the Police or Carabinieri. It is also possible to write a self-certification in place of the SIM theft or loss report.