How to recover Kena Mobile SIM PIN

Don't remember your Kena SIM unlock code anymore? No problem: you have at your disposal at least three methods to be able to recover your PIN

As you already know, PIN and PUK are two of the most important data when it comes to cell phones and smartphones. Unlock codes, in fact, allow us to protect our device, preventing some snoop from turning it on and exploiting it to make calls or send SMS in our name. Despite this, however, it can happen (and it happens more often than you think) to forget the PIN and can no longer unlock the phone.

To avoid making the phone unusable, the various operators have created procedures to recover PIN and PUK of the SIM rather simple. If, for example, you need to recover the PIN code of your Kena Mobile SIM card, know that you have at your disposal at least three different simple and immediate methods that will allow you to get back the unlock code in a matter of minutes. Are you ready? Then let's see together how to recover Kena Mobile PIN.

Recovery Kena Mobile SIM PIN from the packaging

The easiest way to find out the Kena Mobile mobile card PIN is by recovering the SIM packaging itself. When we talk about packaging, we are referring to the plastic card (about the size of a credit card) from which you pulled it out before inserting it into your smartphone. In the back, in fact, you'll find both the PIN code and the PUK code: enter the PIN first, but if it doesn't work (maybe you changed it and can't remember it) make three mistakes in a row and then enter the PUK.

Recovery PIN SIM Kena Mobile from the customer area

The virtual operator TIM allows you to recover the PIN and PUK of the SIM from the customer area MyKena. Access the site and enter your credentials: once inside, enter the phone number of which you are trying to recover the unlock codes and wait a few moments.

Recovery PIN SIM Kena Mobile with customer service

As a last resort, you can try to recover the unlock code of the mobile card by calling the customer service of Kena. By calling 181 and talking to the operator you can explain your problem: you will be sent a form to fill out with some personal data and SIM data (such as, for example, the SIM serial) with which you can recover PIN and PUK of the mobile card.