How to recover PIN SIM Fastweb

Did you forget your Fastweb SIM PIN and don't know what to do? Don't worry: just follow our guide to find the most suitable procedure for you

Although they are two of the most important codes for the security of our smartphone, we forget them with an alarming frequency. In fact, probably no one will ever remember the PUK code of their SIM by heart. And, as we said, even with the PIN code we have a hard time remembering it the first time.

An even stranger behavior since the vast majority of users know what SIM PIN and PUK are and what their function is. However, if you're wondering what to do if I forgot the phone's unlock code, you don't have to worry too much. Recovery procedures are usually simple and within everyone's reach. If, for example, you need to recover Fastweb SIM PIN, know that you will be able to do it in a matter of minutes. Just follow one of the procedures described below and you're done.

Recovery Fastweb PIN with the packaging

The easiest way to find the PIN of your Fastweb SIM card is through the packaging of the mobile card itself. On the plastic card from which you extracted the SIM card (it is the size of a credit card) you will find both the PIN code and the PUK code. To solve your "PIN emergency", all you have to do is find the SIM packaging and keep it in a safe place. Maybe you can put it in your wallet along with the other cards and have it always at hand.

Recovery Fastweb PIN with customer service

If you can not recover the packaging of the SIM you just have to contact Fastweb customer service. Calling the toll-free number you can ask for the help of an operator and, after providing him with all the information he needs to ensure that you are actually the holder of the SIM (in addition to your personal details and details of identity document, you may also be asked for the serial number of the SIM, which you can recover thanks to these apps), he will help you recover PIN or PUK, depending on your needs.

Recovery Fastweb PIN with social

In addition to phone support, Fastweb offers its customers a social support service that responds through the official channels on Facebook and Twitter. To retrieve the PIN of your SIM card, simply choose the channel you prefer, leave a message in chat and wait to be contacted. At that point you will likely have to provide more details about what happened and give proof of your identity by sending a photo or scan of your ID. Only after providing all the details and clarifications requested, you can get the PIN and unlock the phone card.

Recovery PIN Fastweb in Fastweb stores

If you do not have all the data available to be able to recover the PIN Fastweb through the channels of customer service phone and social, you have only one option left: go to a Fastweb store and ask for SIM replacement. Also in this case, of course, you'll have to prove that you are the legitimate holder of the mobile card, but it will not help you to recover the PIN or PUK. Instead, you'll get a new SIM, with a new PIN code, but the same phone number you had before. This time, however, remember to keep the plastic card that you take the SIM out of or write down your PIN in a safe place so that you can be sure to recover it in case you forget it again.