How to recover PIN SIM Three

Don't remember your SIM 3 unlock code? No problem: here are three simple methods to retrieve it in seconds

It may seem silly, but forgetting your phone card PIN is easier than you might imagine. Short and rarely used, the SIM unlock code is one of our last thoughts. And we notice it the moment the smartphone shuts down because it's out of battery power or after a system update.

In these cases we appeal to our memory, hoping to remember the unlock code and be able to use the device again. What to do, instead, if we forget the PIN? The possible solutions, in cases like these, are the most varied. If, for example, you need to recover SIM PIN Three, know that the procedure is quite simple. On the contrary: at your disposal you will have several solutions that will allow you to find the unlock code of your phone card in a matter of seconds or minutes. It's up to you to choose the one that best suits your situation and unlock your phone.

I forgot PIN 3, what do I do

In a moment we will describe all the methods available to you to recover SIM 3 PIN. But first, it's time to analyze what happens in case you forgot the unlock code and, unaware of it, tried to enter it. For security reasons, in fact, after entering the wrong PIN three times, the SIM card will be locked and you will need to enter the PUK code to be able to use it again. The PUK code, specifically, is a string of eight digits to be used in case of emergency and unchangeable. Unlike the PIN, moreover, it can be entered (incorrectly) up to 10 times: after the tenth incorrect entry, the cell phone card will be unusable.

How to recover SIM 3's PIN code: packaging

The easiest way to get your SIM 3's PIN code is to recover the SIM packaging. On the plastic card from which you "extracted" the mobile card, in fact, is imprinted both the PIN and the PUK: just scratch in the indicated area to discover the digits of the unlock code and use it for your own purposes.

How to recover SIM PIN code Tre: customer area

Unlike other operators, Tre allows you to consult the PIN code and PUK code of your SIM card directly from your personal profile in the customer area. All you need is to have registered an account before you forget your PIN and a few seconds of your time. After logging in from the website you will have to click on the Manage button of the "Master Account" section, which you will find in the left column.

How to recover your SIM PIN code: customer support

If you do not have a Tre profile, you can try to recover the unlock code of your phone card by calling customer support at 133. By asking for the support of the operators, you will be able to get the PIN code or PUK code and unlock the phone. During the call you will be asked for personal information and data about the SIM, such as the serial number (in case you don't know what it is, you can retrieve it with these apps). Once the operator has verified your identity, they will provide you with the required code and you can unlock the card.