How to recover PUK SIM Iliad

Don't remember the PIN you chose for your Iliad card anymore? No problem: recovering the PUK and unlocking your SIM is very easy. Find out how to do it

Captured by the initial enthusiasm you also decided to make an Iliad SIM and test it for a few days. Then, between one commitment and another, you preferred to put it aside and now, months later, you would like to return to use it. However, there's a problem: you can't remember your PIN code and now you're afraid you'll have to throw your Iliad mobile card in the trash.

To avoid this kind of situation, Iliad has set the same lock code for all its SIMs: 1234. In case you haven't changed it, try entering this string and wait a few moments to verify that the SIM unlocks and the phone. If, on the other hand, you have changed it but can't remember it, you have two options: either use your memory in the hope that the memory will come back or enter it three times in a row and then enter the PUK code. Unlike the PIN, in fact, the Iliad PUK can be recovered more easily.

How to recover PUK SIM Iliad

To unlock the Iliad SIM card, therefore, you will have to get back in possession of the PUK code. To do so, you have at least two different ways at your disposal: the SIM packaging and the customer area of the website. If you still have the plastic card from which you "extracted" the phone card to be inserted into the smartphone, retrieve it and look carefully: on one of the two sides you should find the PUK code that will allow you to unlock the SIM.

If you can not find the packaging, you can retrieve the PUK of the Iliad SIM from the Personal Area of the Iliad website. From the home page of the portal click on Personal Area and, when prompted, enter your profile credentials. Once loaded, click on the My Personal Details item in the left column and then on My PUK code. In a few seconds you will see the PUK code appear on the screen: insert it in your smartphone and wait for it to unlock.