How to recover your Facebook login information thanks to Trusted Contacts

With the Trusted Contacts function you can access your account in case you lose your password or hackers have hacked it

Facebook to make it easier to recover your account in case you forget your password has added the "Trusted Contacts". This is a short list of friends that each user can enter on the social media to access their profile without the mandatory use of credentials.

This is the evolution of the function already presented in 2011 by Facebook, and at the time labeled as "Trusted Friends". Facebook has declared that this system is the last resort to be used not only in case of loss of password but especially in the event that a hacker has taken possession of our profile. By asking for help from our most trusted friends we will be able to access the social media even if our account has been hacked. This is yet another feature that Facebook has added to its platform to improve the security of users.

How Trusted Contacts Works

To use the Trusted Contacts feature, all it takes is a few clicks. Once we access the social network, all we have to do is go to Settings, from the arrow in the top right corner. From there we select the item Protection and access and here we go to the first section, which can be easily identified thanks to the title: "Choose friends to contact if you can no longer access your account". We will be able to indicate to Facebook from three to five trusted friends for profile recovery. This is a choice to be made with care because in case we can no longer enter the social network, our friends will be the ones called upon to verify our real identity. Once the request for recovery has been made, our friends will receive a code. At this point we will have to contact them by phone or in person to retrieve the code. Once all the codes have been entered, we will have access to our profile again.