How to remove Android malware thanks to Safe Mode

The system blocks all downloaded apps and allows the user to uninstall suspicious ones. Here's what to do to launch Safe Mode on Android

Although Android is a secure operating system, it is not completely immune to hackers and there are several chances that users, as some cases show, are affected by malware. It is necessary, therefore, to know how to behave in case a virus attacks our device.

It is good to clear the field from any misunderstanding. Malware is often introduced on smartphones that run with the green robot by the users themselves, guilty of putting into practice some wicked behaviors, such as downloading apps from unofficial stores. And in fact, except for a few rare cases, it is precisely these programs found on the internet that contain malware that not only infects the phone, but blocks any attempt at removal. As a result, victims are unable to uninstall suspicious apps. Actually, as it is also the case on Windows, there is a way and that is to use Safe Mode.

The system restarts Android, blocking all apps downloaded by the user, including malicious ones. Safe mode is especially useful because it allows you to fix some of Android's problems without resetting your smartphone. How to activate it? It's very simple.

How to activate Safe Mode

The procedure might be slightly different depending on the brand of the smartphone. In most cases, to launch the device in Safe Mode, simply follow these steps.

Press the power button, as you do when you need to turn off the phone. Once you see the classic message with which Android asks you if you want to continue, press the same button for a few more seconds until another window appears: here Google's operating system will ask you if you want to launch safe mode on reboot. Click "Ok".

At this point, if the procedure was successful, at the bottom of the display you'll find the words: "Safe mode". Now you are ready to act. You'll notice that some apps - the ones you downloaded - are no longer viewable. But they are there, you just need to know how to find them. Go to "Settings" and then to "Apps". As a final step, all you have to do is locate the suspicious app and uninstall it. And that's it.