How to remove followers on Instagram from Android

A leaker has discovered that Instagram would like to revolutionize the way by which to delete followers from Android. Coming soon, moreover, news for Direct

Currently to remove Instagram followers on smartphones is necessary to comb through the list of people who follow us and, after identifying the person to be deleted, you can proceed to the removal, blocking or unlocking of the account in question.

A long operation, cumbersome and quite annoying. The intent of the developers, for. is to make this process easier and faster for Android users, so as to "equate" them to instagrammers with iPhone. A new feature that could arrive sooner than you think: Jane Manchun Wong, a famous Silicon Valley blogger who "enjoys" discovering new features in apps through reverse engineering, seems to have found it in the source code of Instagram's Android app.

How to remove followers on Instagram

According to Jane Manchun Wong, and as you can see from the screenshots posted on her Twitter account, removing followers will be much easier than in the past. Just enter the profile of the user who follows us, click on the icon with the three dots in the upper right corner and, in the window that appears, choose the option Delete Follower.

Of course, the person you remove will not receive any notification or message of what happened. In short, an operation that won't produce negative effects. At least immediately. And unlike the user block, the other person can continue to see our profile and, eventually, become our follower again.

Instagram: other news coming

According to rumors circulating online, Instagram is also working on other innovations that, sooner or later, could soon land on the social photo platform. For example, it may soon be possible to give a nickname to contacts with whom you chat in Direct or quote messages in the chat, so as to respond "point by point" to the conversation.