How to repair an Internet connection that does not work

Everyone at least once has had connection problems with the home router, here's how to check for errors and how to improve the signal

Almost everyone in the house has had at least once problems with the Wi-Fi connection. This can prevent us from working at our best or not being able to watch our favorite TV series on services like Netflix. Luckily, there are a number of "tricks" that can be used to improve the connection.

Before checking the Internet, it is advisable to check the status of our local network. Many "Internet" problems, in fact, depend on errors in the local area network (LAN). For those who have never heard of this term, we can say that in computer science a Local Area Network (LAN) is a computer network connecting several computers, which can also be extended to shared peripheral devices. The LAN covers a limited area, such as a house, a school, a company or a complex of buildings. It may seem trivial, but often these problems are caused by a poorly connected cable. First of all, let's check the state of the cables.

Check the Local Area Network

Another mistake that often happens is to change the password of the router (right action for security and to be done consistently along with other small settings) and not to update the connection on the devices. When we change the password, in fact, all connected devices are disconnected and to access the network again we will have to re-enter the new access credential. If the problems persist we must check our APs. An Access Point, referred to more extensively as Wireless Access Point (often identified with the acronyms AP and WAP), is an electronic device that connected to a router allows the user to access it wirelessly. To control the Access Point you don't need much knowledge, just a simple application for smartphones. One of the best is Network Analyzer Pro (available on Android). This tool will tell us the status of the connection and how we can improve it with just a few clicks. Access points can also be controlled through an Ethernet cable (if there is no Wi-Fi line, this is the only solution). At this point we need to access the connection control panel on the browser and check the connection status

Check the Internet connection

If the problem is with our connection the first step is to turn the router off and then on again. If this technique does not solve the connection problem call our Internet provider (Vodafone, Fastweb, Telecom etc.) and ask for an explanation. Often the connection is missing because of works and failures in our area. If the inefficiencies continue then we can request the help of a technician at home. Usually there are medium-long waiting times.

Make a speed test

If the connection seems a bit slow, we can check the speed by making a speed test. There are several sites and applications that do this for free. This tool gives you the download speed, upload speed and ping. The latter measures the time it takes for a data packet sent from one computer to reach another computer and back again.