How to repost on Instagram

Instagram doesn't allow you to share other people's posts, even those in which we are present, so you have to get a little ingenious: here's how to repost on Instagram

A group photo uploaded to Instagram forgetting the tag to those present. It has happened to almost everyone, and if you can not delete it to remedy the mistake because some time has passed since publication and you would end up losing likes and comments, you have to find another solution to share it on another profile.

The solution is not immediate because Instagram has a peculiarity compared to other social most used: you can not share the posts of other users. A curious choice that of the social photo, but so be it and we must adapt. Moreover, even the tag of people in a photo is not decisive, because unlike what happens on Facebook, for example, where content in which other people appear also end up on the profiles and media collections of the same, Instagram has a section for the post and another, separate, for content posted by others in which we have been tagged. So even with tagging we end up having content uploaded by others in which we are featured "shadowed". The solution is the repost, but how to do it?

Solution 1: the screenshot

The repost on Instagram, as mentioned, is not provided by the social, so you have to resort to alternative solutions. There isn't one that is better than the others, on the contrary, it would be the one for which Instagram would retrace its steps and allow sharing, but until then you have to move differently and choose one among the different ones designed over time.

The first one is the simplest, although it is not the best in terms of quality and therefore may not be ideal for perfectionists. But it has a great speed of application, so it is also the one preferred by many. All you have to do is take a screenshot of the post you want to "share", crop it with an application and publish it in turn, not forgetting of course to mention the author of the original post.

To take a screenshot with iPhone just press the power button and the volume down button at the same time, a practice that usually also works with Android smartphones, an environment in which, however, each manufacturer could potentially have its own method. To crop the screenshot in order to "isolate" the photo and share it as a post, all you need is any Gallery app: usually the ones pre-installed on the phones allow you to do this, otherwise there are dozens of free ones on virtual stores.

Solution 2: free apps

At the end of the spectrum, here are the remaining two that pass through two separate apps developed for the purpose, one for Android users, the other for those who rely on an iPhone.

Not that downloading an app to repost on Instagram is a difficult task or within the reach of a few, mind you, but the fact that you need to grant these apps full access to our Instagram profile may not suit everyone and therefore lean towards the first solution.

The apps we recommend are Repost, for iOS, and Regram, for Android. Both are free with in-app purchases, enjoy thousands of reviews in their respective stores (no misconduct has been reported from these two apps at this time) and allow you to share both photos and videos posted by others.