How to request movies on Netflix

Not everyone knows this, but on Netflix you can request up to a maximum of titles of movies and TV series to be added in the catalog of the service

Are you big fans of movies and TV series and after several hours spent on Netflix you no longer find a title that inspires you or that is in line with your tastes? No problem, you can contact the Netflix support service to request the inclusion in the catalog of your favorite movie or TV show.

Yes, you read that correctly. In order to improve its service as much as possible Netflix gives the opportunity to its subscribers to make requests about TV series and movies not present in the original catalog. Obviously this is an expedient to understand the tastes of its users and meet the trends of the moment, so if your TV show or your movie was really niche is difficult that in a short time we will see it appear in the Netflix catalog. In any case, it's worth a try, so here's how to "suggest" TV series and movies to be added on Netflix using the appropriate page of the streaming service.

How to request a TV series and a movie to Netflix

At the moment the function to request the addition of titles is not very publicized. Perhaps because the developers of the service are afraid of not being able to keep up with the numerous requests that would come. Each user, in fact, can request the inclusion of three new titles, be they TV series, movies, documentaries and so on. Considering that Netflix has over 110 million subscribers, it is clear that the management of 300 million requests would be quite complex.

To request new content on Netflix you must connect to the address and authenticate with your credentials. Beware the three titles will be sent only once, so think carefully before sending Netflix the request. Netflix lets you know that not all movies and TV shows can be added to the catalog. In fact, many are protected by copyright and are exclusive to other services competing with Netflix. Let's think for example of the Iron Throne. If we are great lovers of the adventures of Jon Snow and company it is useless to ask for the inclusion of the series on Netflix: Game of Thrones is an exclusive of HBO.