How to restore apps and settings on Android

Restoring apps, data and settings on Android is pretty simple. In fact, if you have set up backups, the operating system will take care of them

One of the biggest fears when buying a new smartphone is about the photos, documents and apps that are on the old device. You're always afraid that you won't be able to transfer them to your new device, leaving a piece of your life behind.

Unfortunately, the reality is different: mobile operating systems have automatic backup systems that allow you to restore apps and settings in a matter of minutes and without much effort. On Android, it's possible to transfer data from one device to another with just a few taps and without the user doing much. The operating system saves downloaded apps, modified settings, address book and SMS messages in the cloud, which are then automatically restored when the initial configuration of the new smartphone is done. All you need to do is to use the same Google account and then the operating system itself will retrieve the information from the servers.

How to enable Android backup

The only action the user needs to take to restore apps and settings on Android is to enable automatic Android backup. Just open the phone's Settings, scroll down and tap on System, then Backup and make sure the switch under Backup to Google Drive is moved to the right and colored blue. On this same screen, at the bottom, you can also check which data will be saved to the cloud: apps and app data, contacts, call history, device settings, and SMS. Going into each section, you can check if automatic information restoration is enabled: if it's not, of course, enable it and wait for the backup to complete.

Restore Android apps and settings

Once the backup is complete, you can restore all the data saved in the cloud automatically. All you have to do is launch the initial setup of the new device, choose the "Backup from an Android phone" option, connect to a Wi-Fi network and enter the credentials of the Google account you were also using on the old smartphone. At this point, all you have to do is select which data to recover and start the procedure and wait: depending on the number of apps and data to restore, it may take several tens of minutes before the operation is complete.