How to restore WhatsApp messages

To restore WhatsApp chats, you need to have backed up your profile. Here is the procedure to follow

What happens to WhatsApp messages when we buy a new smartphone or if we decide to format it? Will we lose all our precious chats? Of course not. There is a simple procedure to restore WhatsApp messages when we delete the application from the smartphone or accidentally delete some conversations.

To be able to carry out the procedure, however, you need to have activated a very useful feature of WhatsApp: the backup. As many of you know, the instant messaging application allows you to back up your conversations, either to the cloud (Google Drive or iCloud depending on your smartphone's operating system) or locally. Our suggestion is to use WhatsApp cloud backup, which is easier and more immediate to use (for local backup you need to have a file manager installed). Thanks to the backup you can restore WhatsApp messages at any time and without any major problems: here's how to do it.

How to restore deleted WhatsApp messages on Android

You have accidentally deleted a conversation and you don't know how to recover it. Have you changed your Android smartphone and need to restore WhatsApp messages? First of all, you need to check the date of the last WhatsApp Android backup. Doing so is very simple: enter the application, press on the icon with three vertical dots in the top right corner and then click on Chat. At this point, press on "Chat backup" and under the heading "Last backup" there is date and time of the most recent WhatsApp backup. If you are happy with the date, you can proceed with restoring WhatsApp messages. Doing it is very simple.

Install (or reinstall) WhatsApp on your smartphone, associating the same phone number and Google account. During the profile setup phase, the app will ask you whether to restore your WhatsApp account using the latest available backup.

How to restore WhatsApp account on iPhone

If you have an iPhone, the problem of local backup does not arise: WhatsApp for iOS only supports iCloud backup. This means that you can only restore WhatsApp messages by reinstalling or installing WhatsApp on a device with the same Apple ID.

The first step is to always check the date of the last backup to see if the version is not too old. Doing this is very simple: you have to go into WhatsApp Settings, press on Chats and then on Chat Backup. Here the time and day of the last backup will appear.

At this point you can go ahead with installing WhatsApp on your device. During the configuration phase you will have to enter your number and the application will ask you whether to restore from the last available backup (always remember to use the same Apple ID). Pressing on Restore you'll find all the chats of your WhatsApp account, even those deleted by mistake.