How to review and delete searches made on Google

Big G provides a revamped tool to manage and delete users' search history. Here's how to use it

Along with the launch of the European GDPR, effective May 25, 2018, the vast majority of web companies revised (or were forced to) their privacy and data policies in the second half of the year. The various Facebook, Instagram and Apple, just to name a few, have made available to users useful tools to control their data present on the various servers and download them whenever they want.

Moving along these lines, Google has recently released a tool that allows users to review and manage searches made through its engine. A tool, truth be told, that already existed among the privacy settings of the Google profile, but that Big G has now made it easier to find and use. A move that favors the users, who will now be able to delete some uncomfortable search or that you do not want to show to someone close to you.

How to delete Google searches

To "clean up" your Google profile you just need to access the My Tasks portal, log in with your Big G credentials (if you haven't already done so) and wait for the interface to load. From the left column you can decide whether to manage searches individually or by group, to automatically delete certain types of activities or whether to see other items in addition to Google searches.

To delete Google search history, however, you just need to scroll the right side of the screen and, once you find the item (or items) to delete, just click on the icon with the three vertical dots and click Delete. If you want, to speed up the management and deletion of Google searches, you can decide to delete an entire day of activity: also in this case you will have to click on the icon with the three dots and choose delete.

To delete Google search history you can also follow another way. From the home page of the search engine click on Settings at the bottom right and, in the menu that appears, choose the item Your search history. Here you will be able to view some of the latest searches made with Google and find quick links to delete the history of the last hour or the last day.