How to save data traffic using an Android app

Glasswire is a free downloadable Android app that monitors the data consumption of other apps and provides quick and intuitive reports and recommendations

Sad story: every 15th of the month I already run out of "Gigs" on my smartphone. If you recognize yourself in this statement then it's time to start considering a data monitoring app. Glasswire is one of the most comprehensive apps on the Google Play Store

Glasswire can show you how much data you have left on your data plan from your carrier. Glasswire is also able to show you which apps consume more data than others. It also shows you a report with the historical data consumption based on the apps you have recently downloaded. Glasswire is available for Android and you can download it for free, and it efficiently does the job it was created to do: monitor your data consumption.

How it works

As we mentioned using Glasswire is very simple, we just need to download it from the Google Play Store and then open it on our smartphone. We'll immediately see graphs and numbers, updated in real time, that will inform us of the various consumptions of the installed applications. There is no need to have specific knowledge to understand the reports shown, everything is extremely intuitive. We can also set data thresholds that we can never exceed in certain time intervals: a day, a week or a month.

User Privacy

Many of the apps similar to Glasswire have been criticized recently for providing user data to third-party companies. This system had become a real moneymaker for many developers. I programmatori di Glasswire però hanno garantito che l’app non monitora nessuna informazione dell’utente e nessun dato viene venduto alle aziende per campagne pubblicitarie o indagini di mercato. L’app, stando a quanto dicono dall’interno, si finanzia unicamente con la versione Premium, ovvero quella a pagamento, anch’essa presenta su Google Play Store.


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