How to save money by paying postal slips online

Paying postal slips online instead of at the counter allows you to save time and money on commissions, especially for non-standard slips.

Nowadays banks and the Post Office make available a range of digital services, with advanced features to manage any type of transaction electronically. As well as avoiding queues and wasting time at the counter, with electronic systems it is possible to take advantage of lower commissions, spending less to pay off debts such as taxes and domestic utilities. Let's see in particular how to save money by paying postal slips online.

How much does it cost to pay postal slips at the counter

The classic method for paying a bill is at the counter, going to a post office, filling out the form and making the payment of the amount directly to the employee. In this case the cost is quite high, with a standard fee of 1.50 euros if the payment is made in cash, while for the over 70 Poste Italiane offers a discounted rate of 0.70 euros.

Obviously this price is applied to traditional postal slips, while for some models the cost is higher. For example, to pay a fine the rate is 1.99 euros, with a commission of 1.63 euros for the payment of MAV, RAV and F35 at the counter. Even higher prices are applied to payment slips paid at the bank, with an additional cost from 1 to 4 euros, or at tobacconists and Sisal/Lottomatica centers where the rate is 2 euros.

How much does it cost to pay postal slips online

The best way to save money is to pay a postal slip online, in fact, depending on the service used, it is possible to pay a much lower cost than the same operation performed at the counter. For example, through Poste Italiane the price is 1 euro, but you need a Postepay card or a Bancoposta current account.

Or you can use internet banking services, to pay the bulletin online with the app for mobile devices or the web console of your bank accessible from your PC. In this case, the price depends on the credit institution, with commissions that can generally range from 1.50 to 2.60 euros for each payment, in addition, the operation must be carried out with the cards connected to the bank account.

The most effective solution to save time and money is to pay postal bulletins online with digital services, in this way you can freely choose the card to use without any kind of constraint. For example, with Libero Pay you can pay a postal bill online quickly, all you need is a free Libero Mail account to access the service, using a Maestro, Visa, MasterCard or VPAY credit card for the payment, with a fee of 1.50 euros for all postal bills.

How to pay postal bills online safely

In addition to convenience, it is important to choose secure online payment systems, to minimize the risk of identity theft and theft of personal data. One of the most reliable and popular options is undoubtedly credit cards, as they are managed by international companies that are able to offer advanced protocols for the protection of transactions, with advanced technologies that guarantee considerable protection.

For example, the two most important companies in the sector propose efficient solutions, such as the Verified by Visa system or MasterCard's SecureCode. Similarly, the latest generation of digital applications use integrated procedures that complement circuit protections with technologies such as 3D Secure, providing truly secure two-factor authentication for risk-free online payment of postal bills and other utilities.